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No proposal for Baffle range in Belgaum

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Minister of Defence Shri AK Antony in separate written replies to Shri Suresh Angadi and Smt. Deepa Dasmunsi in Lok Sabha today stated that “Presently, there is no proposal to construct a Baffle Range in Belgaum. No land has been acquired in Belgaum during the last 30 years.”

The minister in his reply also stated that, “Compound walls are constructed based on security & administrative requirements of station as part of Annual Major Works Programme (AMWP) which includes construction of compound wall.”


MP Suresh Angadi has been pressing for a baffle range in Belgaum and in September 2011 such a proposal was also put forth by the DC to the army officials. The Suresh Angadi Education Foundation’s Angadi Institute of Technology and Management (AITM) have been built next the firing range on Survey No. 72/73, which lies in the danger zone in the “Baghdad-Asmara field firing ranges”. The said area has been notified as a firing range in the Karnataka Gazette notification of February 10, 1981.This warning board was put by the Army just beside the Angadi College

A Baffle Range has baffles on either side and above the range floor intended to help prevent shots leaving the range.  A baffle range provides for a secure firing range with a perimeter — series of walls surrounding the target area.



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  1. 1. If the land was already marked as a Firing Range, how did they acquire it?
    2. After acquiring how did they get permission to build a college nonetheless? This is a serious security risk for students and other people. Theoretically it is possible to get shot by stray rounds.

    So if no baffles are going to be built by the Defence ministry, what next? shut down college?

      • Why cant the college built the compound wall? This college has come up much later after the area has been notified as a firing range in the Karnataka Gazette notification of February 10, 1981. It ‘s habit of shameless politicians to get all things for free. If the defense minister had been some one else he would have ordered the military to built the wall. Kudos to Mr. Anthony.

      • But in the danger zone. If the civil offices have the rights to give the permission to build in the danger zone, why don’t they give the permission to all civilians. As I understand the danger zones are not permitted to be with permanent structures.

  2. Last year a newspaper reported that the owner of Angadi College had not taken the permission of the Army(required as it lies near a training ground). The Belgaum City Corporation permitted the construction of the college on the condition that it would be shutdown if the Army objected to it.


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