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Old Dharwad road RoB is complete Awaits official inauguration

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The Railway over bridge on LC No.388 on Old Dharwad road or also known as Old Dharwad road is complete and some minor painting jobs remain. Today many persons could not restrain themselves from using the newly built RoB.

Work had begun on Jan 24, 2017
40 feet wide RoB
Rs.24 crore budget
14 Pillars; 10 upto Roopali Hall and 4 upto Jija Mata circle
Completed in 14 months 12 days
KPR Constructions, Hyderabad Contractor


This will ease a lot of traffic on Kapileshwar RoB and also to some extent that on congress road. Majorly people going towards Shahpur, Khasbag, Old Belagavi can use this bridge.

Now with the model code of conduct in force, no ministers can inaugurate it and hence the administration should make the RoB open if all the works are complete and ease the traffic issue.

The members of the Citizens council also have demanded the same to the Regional commissioner and has asked his good office to inaugurate the same at the earliest without waiting for any ministers to open it.

9 thoughts on “Old Dharwad road RoB is complete Awaits official inauguration”

  1. How long does it take for regional commissioner to get to the site? Does he/she needs a ride to the site in order to do the opening ceremony? Higher official should be more concerned about ordinary tax paying citizens who pay their salary.

  2. Now hat the bridge is opened for public, we need to ask why the Road work (entire stretch) is still not completed? Whose REAL estate interests is being protected by not completing the road work? The real culprits is some of the guys who will be seeking vote in May elections!


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