Power play is over?

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Yesterday the weavers of Belgaum locked up the HESCOM officials and MLA in the HESCOM office and the results are visible today I guess.232124265

 Power play or power cuts have now reduced. The daily 6-7 hour cut will be how much in day is yet to be seen, but it’s a sigh of relief to the citizens.

 In the city area there used to be load shedding from 10 am to 1 pm, but today it was from 10 to 11 am only, and hence I am able to update this blog as well on time.

 We need to see the whole day and then take a note of the entire amount the power cuts are scheduled. The HESCOM officials stated that there will not be any more un scheduled load shedding in town.

 Hope for the best. Pray to God for more rains and this power problem could be solved for the time being at least. 

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