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Amboli Calling

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Rainy season is one of the dullest seasons for tourism but there are some places one should only visit when it’s raining and one such beautiful place is Amboli.falls

 Amboli is not new to any Belgaumite, that fog on the road, that chilly weather, rains showers in between and of course greenery all round.

 Amboli is 70 kms from Belgaum and is a best day out picnic spot around and is very popular amongst the young. People reading this must have gone there once at least, if not don’t miss it; this is the best time of the year.  amboli

 Amboli falls in the Sindhudurg District and the latter has received good rainfall in the past week or so which means all water falls in Amboli will now be at their paramount.kawalesad-point-amboli

Amboli is a perfect destination for relaxing and getting lost among the misty mountains.

Hiranyakeshi Kund
Hiranyakeshi Kund

The other attractions of Amboli are Hiranya Keshi, Nagatta Falls, Mahadev and Narayan Gad, Shirgaonkar, Sea view Point and the Bauxite Mines. 

 Hiranya Keshi is a famous fishing ground where hours could be spent in solitude and quietness. Nagatta Falls offer a perfect picnic place. With a breathtaking view of Nagatta Falls, this is a perfect place to escape with your family. 

Sea View Point offers the most wonderful view one has ever seen. The long stretch of the mountains and lands extending to the Konkan coast is an experience to be cherished lifelong. sunset

And of course if you want to experience something different, Bauxite Mines are a must visit for you. Just about 10 km away, this place has a pleasant scenic beauty. 

 A couple of years ago there were not many hotels other than the JRD international but now there are many hotels come up and resorts as well where you can make a comfortable stay overnight and see the nature in the wee hours of the morning. Pure Veg hotel like the one a top the hill of Vithal Kamat is also a good one for food. There are many others near the bus stand and earlier as well. Many resorts are after the check post and also there are small houses with boards which are state approved rest places “bed n breakfast’ you can check them as well.

 July to September is the ideal time to go there as it will be raining and thick fog will make walking a pleasure.

 A note of  caution for the travelers, it is normally seen that the young college going crowds are there in huge numbers and many of them drunk which can cause you trouble so be prepared to handle tight situations. Police is normally deployed near the Falls where the crowd is the maximum. There are other various points as well where you can enjoy the nature.

 All the photos are archives taken from the internet.

 So when are you AMBOLI-ing!

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  1. oh my gosh! amboli is just amazing! i was in belgaum last summer… i wish i was still in belgaum right now that the rainy season is on… amboli falls is just so beautiful!
    but hopefully, i get to see it someday..and i swear..i will! (",)


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