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Suvarna Soudha will cost 370 crore

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C M Udasi, Minister for Public Works defended the cost escalation for the construction of the Suvarna Soudha at Halga, Belgaum.

When the project was initiated in 2009 the estimated cost was set to be Rs 250.65 crore and later it was revised to Rs.350 crore as the built up area was increased by 3520 sq mtrs. Interiors and roads leading to the Soudha will cost upto Rs.20 crore.

The Suavrna Soudha which had to be completed by January 2011, but it could not be completed as per schedule and is now expected to be complete by August 2011. B G Shirke Group has been awarded the contract.

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The details of structure & accommodation made in the building are as follows:


(-) 2 Level of Ground Floor 5406 Sqm

Ground Floor– 12011 Sqm

First Floor– 13438 Sqm

Second floor –97414 Sqm

Third Floor –12055 Sqm

Total –52624 Sqm

Size of building 150.47m x 107.25 m

Central Big dome 01 No

Small Domes 06 Nos

The Government also has constituted a Technical Committee for selection of locally

avilable materials for construction of “ Suvarna Soudha” to provide the granite stone available

at Koira/Hesaragatta quarries for ornamental stone works.

The details of the events of the project are as follows :

1. Technical sanction to the estimate for Rs.230 Crores was accorded on 27.04.2009.

2. Technical bids opened on 11-06-2009.

3. The financial bids opened on 11-06-2009.

4. Cabinet approval to the financial bid was accorded on 25-06-2009.

5. Work awarded to the agency- M/s. B.G. Shirke Construction Technology Pvt. Ltd.,


6. Date of agreement with the Agency 08-07-2009.

7. Date of work order to Agency 09-07-2009.

8. Date of Handing over of site to the Agency 10-07-2009.

9. Stipulated time period for Construction 18 months

The project has been divided into two Milestones as follows:

First Milestone: Completion of Assembly & Council Halls in first 12 months.

Second Milestone : Completion of the entire project in the stipulated time period of 18 months.


Source: IBNlive & AAB inputs



8 thoughts on “Suvarna Soudha will cost 370 crore”

  1. August dealines also seems to be passing, and belgaum must have the international airport or rather half way between belgaum & hubli

  2. Nice progress..Suvarna soudha will look awesome once it completes..Am looking forward to it…. 2nd capital (yaradane rajyadhani) ROCKS… 🙂

    • Nice progress?? Cost already escalated by 50 % & it is far off from the deadline as well. You say ROCKS – Is it going to be a night club or what. It is all the revenue contributed by citizens of India / Karnataka being wasted for the luxury of politicians.

      You know Petrol is costlier in Karnataka than in other states because of the high state govt. tax. Without tax petrol would have costed only Rs 35 max. & by selling petrol at Rs 35 you can clock a better GDP as this will have lots of cascading effect. Govt looses revenue in the form of 2G, CWG & then burdens the common man by taxing petrol, alcohol etc. It does not even wants to work hard to collect tax & finds the easiest way to collect tax by targeting fuel, both for machine & man!!!

  3. Too expensive!
    If sincerely constructed without any corruption job, the complete construction will finish off in about 300 crores itself.

  4. Just waste of public money. What was its necessity. It is not like a becnh of a high court which is of some use to common people


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