No construction near firing range


The Army has issued a warning against any construction activity near its firing ranges. A press release states that, it has noticed construction activities near its Baghdad Asmara Firing Ranges in Belgaum and has warned the general public to be careful about the possible danger to life and property as regular firing and other activities are carried out by the military in the said area.

Its also stated that the Suresh Angadi Technology and Management Institute falls in the danger zone of Baghdad Asmara Firing Ranges which is a notified area as a firing range.

The Suresh Angadi Education Foundation’s Angadi Institute of Technology and Management (AITM) have been built amidst a firing range on Survey No. 72/73, which lies in the danger zone in the “Baghdad-Asmara field firing ranges”. The said area has been notified as a firing range in the Karnataka Gazette notification of February 10, 1981.

In November 2009, the MLIRC officials had written to the district administration asking how permission was granted for the construction of the college without their consent.

The office of the Deputy Commissioner had granted permission for conversion of land purchased from private individuals. The land in question falls in an area notified the firing range. The permission for conversion of land for non-agricultural purpose was given on the condition that it (permission) would be withdrawn if there were any objection from the Indian Army. The site is a notified as a firing range under the Karnataka Gazette and hence any building on that site will be illegal.

Angadi college file photo

The Army’s stand on this issue has also been in question. As until 2009 when the construction had begun a year ago the authorities from the MLIRC did not object to the construction. Now this press release also does not make it clear what will be the fate of the already constructed buildings in the notified firing range area.




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  1. "Now this press release also does not make it clear what will be the fate of the already constructed buildings in the notified firing range area."

    I suppose it is not in their purview to decide what should be the fate of these buildings. They are just cautioning the public not to build anything in the danger zone.

    Even I was surprised when the buildings came up. It is has been a well known danger zone for decades!

    • HRJ: thats the Question. The army is just trying to avoid their responsibility by issuing this release nothing else.


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