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GRE test revised

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The GRE format will be experiencing a radical change from August 1 this year. Now that the GRE score will also be accepted by many of the top colleges and universities in the US such as Harvard, Yale, Wharton, Stanford and MIT for admission into their B-Schools, apart form their MS programmes, many feel that GRE is coming closer to CAT and GMAT.

World over GRE is conducted by the US-based Educational Testing Services (ETS) and Prometric is their technical partner.


The GRE revised general test is going to be more user friendly.

ETS has revised the GRE General Test to better reflect the kind of thinking students do in graduate or business school and improve the test-taking experience. New types of questions more closely align with the skills students need to succeed in today’s demanding graduate and business school programs.

The GRE General Test is currently used by thousands of institutions around the world as one of many application requirements. ETS’s goal was to make this proven measure even better.

The GRE revised General test is more users friendly. New types of questions and new design features make the GRE revised General Test a friendlier test-taking experience. Featuring advanced technology that lets test-takers move back and forth, edit or change answers, and skip and return to questions, all within a section, candidates will have the freedom to use more of their own test-taking strategies and style. This is unlike the GRE adaptive test.

The GRE revised general test would pose a phobia in the minds of the students as well as the trainers. Anything that is new will surely have it unknown fear. But The Princeton Review is the official body who provides the complete information. As of now The Princeton Review is the only one to publish the book, but to provide the students with more practice secessions The Kaplan’s and The Barrons will join the bandwagon. There have been rumors that the quantitative section would have calculus, but that is ruled out.

As for changes to the question types, new questions in the Verbal Reasoning section better measure a candidate’s ability to understand what’s been read and how he or she applies reasoning skills. Plus, antonyms and analogies are no longer on the test, so there aren’t questions that test vocabulary out of context. New types of questions in the Quantitative Reasoning section put more emphasis on data interpretation and real-life scenarios. Plus, the new on-screen calculator allows test-takers to focus on reasoning rather than computation.

The changes in the new GRE revised general test would unlike the pattern followed in the Old pattern. The analogies, antonyms which check a students English ability in a non-contextual manner would no longer exist in the new pattern. The students ability on the contextual usage of words will be checked with introduction of more Reading comprehension, Sentence completion and Sentence equivalence. In the quantitative section though the calculator would be provided it would check a candidates quantitative reasoning ability.

The GRE General Test has been offered in a computer-based format in India and around the world for several years, and will continue to be administered as a computer-based test when the GRE revised General Test launches on August 1. In parts of the world where Internet access and availability of computers is limited, ETS administers the GRE General Test in a paper-based format to ensure that all test takers have access to this admissions test.

The GRE Subject Tests are only administered at paper-based test administrations, and this is not changing.

ETS’s ID requirements are an important security measure so we have thoughtfully considered which forms would be most appropriate. Currently all test-takers in India must present a valid passport with name, photograph and signature as the primary ID document. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Students should receive the CD that is appropriate for the test that they have registered for. POWERPREP® I is available for people taking the test before August 1, 2011, and the POWERPREP® II is available for those taking the GRE revised General Test starting in August 2011.

ETS reminds candidates to pay close attention to application deadlines. Candidates who need score reports before November 2011 should take the current test before August. If candidates don’t need score reports until after November, they can take the GRE revised General Test. Candidates can check the special score reporting schedule to determine which option is best.

For a free orientation on the NEW GRE revised general test call and register at 2464074, 9916891724. TRANSCEND INSTITUTE OF FOREIGN STUDIES


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