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BPOs might finally start eyeing Belgaum

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Tier 4 would be towns like Nanded, Davangere, and Belgaum; – again substantial locally educated population who migrate to larger urban centers for jobs. The resource pool is not as large as Tier 3 but can be effectively harnessed to the “100-seater” concept, which refers to the size of low-cost yet economically sound rural BPO. —Deepak J. Patel is chief executive officer of Aditya Birla Minacs, a business solutions company. This is part of the article written by Deepak Patel for The Wall Street Journal.

Mr.Satish Kumar, a Belgaumite who is in Dubai and member of ITBelagum group has already mailed Aditya Birla Minacs on 18th August 2009.

And in reply to the letter Deepak J. Patel stated,

Thanks for your note.  We will certainly evaluate.  We do have a focused plan to look at such towns for our India Domestic business needs.  Our team will take this evaluation forward to align with our business needs.

Best regards,

Deepak J. Patel


“If India lived in her villages at independence, 62 years on – a vast young population lives in these sorts of towns.

Economic development grows once infrastructure growth picks up speed. And going forward that’s precisely where the IT and BPO industry can play the role of a fulcrum, with our increasingly younger population as the lever. We need to embrace the growth taking place in the so-called Tier 3 and 4 towns.

The article mentions India’s journey and development and what opportunities lay ahead. He emphasizes on Strategy to attract investment and infrastructure, broader availability of skills& growing demand for telecom, retail, automotive and financial services. All governments are giving subsidy for growth in tier 3 and 4 cities. Karnataka has announced government grants for rural BPOs in the form of capital investment subsidy up to 2 million rupees per 100 seater, financial support of 10,000 rupees and 5,000 rupees per employee respectively for manpower training, and as subsidy for rentals and internet connectivity.

All the points mentioned in the article fit perfectly for Belgaum; from broader availability of skills to growing demand for telecom, retail, automotive and financial services.

Deepak J. Patel is chief executive officer of Aditya Birla Minacs is looking at Belgaum or at least the city is getting a mention on the list is worth many a thing. Now it’s up to the local representatives and government to get the IT-BPO companies to Belgaum.

At last it may be time for some big IT-BPO companies to set up shop here.

5 thoughts on “BPOs might finally start eyeing Belgaum”

  1. Hey Satish, thanks a lot for your efforts & concern with BELGAUM. I don't know whether the concerned authorities are at least aware of such things happening.

  2. Thanks Praveen ,Well not for my name but IT belgaum group members are for mass and it is our effort and wish it comes up soon , All my wish is Belgaum need to come up well in near future on IT front , all lot is yet to be done though


  3. hi satish ,indeed your efforts are worth laudible. by being in dubai your are doing so much for our city, even i live in u.a.e. (fuj) can i get your no of here please. my name is arif and there are 100s of belgaumites in dubai or u.a.e.


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