Dr.MahantShetti gets TechnoMentor Semiconductors award

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This year’s India Semiconductor Association (ISA) Technovation Awards have identified the stars in electronics industry who have the potential to serve the $400 billion electronics market in India estimated by year 2020. The jury has done commendable job in selecting the companies and individuals who have displayed excellence and innovation in their products and services.isa

Dr. S S Mahant-Shetti, Managing Director, Karnataka Microelectronic Training/Design Center got the TechnoMentor – Semiconductors award.

He is not just a trainer but the enabler of Indian electronics and semiconductor industry in highly innovative ways.mahant

Dr. Mahant is training 10th standard pass out students directly in VLSI design. They are trained in such a way that the VLSI and electrical/electronics engineering jargons are explained in highly creative manner, that too in the regional language. Example: Explaining the voltage and current relationship using a bucket of water.

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