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Annotsav 2016 – Tickle those taste buds with omnifarious cuisine

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The annual Rotary Annotsav – the food festival, this time is all set to give your taste buds a good variety of tastes with the focus being in homely cooked food.
This year there are more food stalls and the entire ground is covered with a mat which is a welcome sign for the food lovers. The setup is standard with cars and auto displays and some shopping then you come across to the core the eating stalls.

Sugi Stall
Komdi Vade
Chakli Chaat

annotsav belagaviLets get on the Food directly –
On your left would be the non veg and right side would be the veg ones. Again the stalls are categorized in amateurs and professionals.
The first stalls are amateurs and then you have the professionals restaurants. Non vegetarian can have a ball of a time here with Maharashtraian cuisine, Savaji, Konkani with regular North Indian and Chinese, Thai, Italian dishes as well.
Some notable in the non veg – IMG_7554

Don’t miss Stall 45 SUGI where they serve only mutton which is prepared just like it is done during the harvest (malni) simple dish with a rassa and bhakri this is must have if you have mutton, you will not be disappointed with it.

stall no-5 Ratnagiri Mahila Bachat stall where u get awesome Komdi vade, a must have. Then you have the momos and then Savaji khardu and savji thali. Stall 9-11 lunch box also serves good home style cooked mutton thali with pandhra rassa and biryani. Martha mutton thali(Stall 13) is also a good bet.
Stall No.4 Kerala food court is good for a Appam.

Sea food also has many stalls this hear which is a welcome sign for the sea food lovers like Shanbag’s Sea food, Coastal Curries. Black Mutton at Queens court (Stall 30) is also worth a try. Then you have Marakeesh, rooster, Zaika with some new dishes as well. Gavran Kheema is one you should try. Mutton baida roti at Zaika is also a must try.
On the vegetarian side we did not really have a great look but it also looked promising with Annapurneshwari thali on a leaf, Parthas, Luncknowi chaat (Stall 62) , Sabu vade and Misal at Misal (Stall 60). Hasiru Veg, Saffron are there with regular veg dishes. The jelibi Rabri at Rajesh maharaj is also delicious. The stall P2 Mathurawale Parathe is a must eat.

As for the desserts this time too not many options but you do have the Niyaz stall with firni, Kake walk with its cakes, mouses, natural flavoured ice creams at Exotica to name a few.

Indulge in the aromas and variety of spices that invite a mouthwatering prospect for every foodie!
The Rotary Annotsav is open from 5 pm to 10.30 Pm until January 17, 2016 at the CPeD ground Club Road.

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  1. Hey u missed the Hyderabad chicken & mutton Matka Biryani at stall no. 36&37 Comida Lounge & kitchen very good taste and value for money


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