One dies in accident as truck hits bike

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One person was killed on the spot near Sanchayni circle (near Dharmveer Sambhaji Chowk) when the truck hit the bike.

The deceased has been identified as Milin Briganza (38) a resident of Ganeshpur.

5 thoughts on “One dies in accident as truck hits bike”

  1. think everyone should follow the traffic rules – many times the two wheeler overtake us from left side – very dangerous – If anything happens public will take side of weaker section – In this not necessarily vehicle is damaged but risk to life is there

  2. Now these is great example how the truck entered with great proof
    corruption in india will never end
    india is great from corruption to politics
    bribary is on first place even after having their good salaries govt officers from chaprasi to head want something for them these culture to be stopped first then we can imagine india can do something in rat race with african countries


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