Skilled riders or Stunt Performers

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by Sameer Majali

One death, never really does anything about anything or to anyone, doesn’t it?
Its been a few months since that fatal and ghastly accident at Udyambag and nothing seems to have changed. The incessant stupidity continues, unabated. The incident is lost in the pages of time and maybe even the lives affected, have returned to normalcy despite the vacuum.

We are a wonderful species. The dead dont matter or maybe are just meant to be memories. No lessons will be learnt and we continue of journey. I wonder what it would take to constitute a true wake up call.
The traffic woes of the city are piling up and the attitude of the citizens only adds to the misery.

The obvious miscreants, the two wheeler riders are also the most obvious victims.

I wonder what happened to responsible parenting. Is it just about showering the two wheeled blessings on our children with utter contempt towards the violation of rules? I mean, most of them arent even of the right legal age to ride a bike, not to mention triple seated riding. Do the parents even care for what the child does with the bike or for that matter about how and with whom they resort to the excesses.

A few days ago, a few students who dont even have a proper license had been to Jamboti for a picnic on their trusted two wheelers. I asked them if their parents know about it and they told me that they had informed their natural guardians. I sometimes winder why is it so that I am the only one who seems offended by the irrational behavior.

God forbid one more unfortunate incident but it only seems to be waiting to happen.

Girls who are barely able to bear the weight of their bikes or scooties are found with multiple friends on their ride. The boys with their atrocious Duke bikes only symbolize the superlative of the idioticity.

It is convenient and even necessary to blame the roads or the traffic police but do we ever introspect and look for the real culprit?

Isn’t it time to put an end to the madness or is it madness on my part to sound an alarm of concern? How many times do i have to write about it to knock some sense into these irresponsible parents who find joy, pride and even prestige in announcing that their kid rides the bike although he/she is just fifteen?

What are we promoting, students and true academic aspirants or the so called Skilled riders and Stunt Performers?

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  1. Dear Sameer you have hit bulls eye. I fail to understand despite so many young lives lost the society at large be the parents or the children fail to learn from the mistakes of others and are hell bent on committing same mistakes. if you’ll do not care for your lives at least have the concern for the others who are victims of your stunts.


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