Cafe Seven Beans a new peppy place to hang out in Belagavi

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Cafe Seven Beans, a venture founded in the town of Hubballi has now expanded its footprint to Belagavi. While we do have Cafe Coffee Day in the city since long the opening of this new cafe has thrown open a new place to catch up with friends over a some bits and caffeine.

Cafe Seven Beans (named after the beans an Indian pilgrim smuggled out of Arabia in the late 1600s to India).

seven-beans-belagaviSpeaking to AAB, Gaurav Shah of Seven Beans said,

“ We had planned to open a cafe here since 2012 but it has actually turned into a reality now and we have been working on this Belagavi property over a year now. We have made it from scratch and has about 4600 sq feet of cafe area. Our Cafe as basically which fall into the RESTO CAFE category where people can catch up with friends and at the same time work, read.”

seven-beans-belagaviSeven Beans Hubballi has been a great success when it has to come to give a platform for local talent and performers who started from the cafe now have their own full fledged bands in various cities. We also intent that this platform will encourage local talent”,

added Guarav Shah.

Urjeet Swamy who is running the Seven Beans Belagavi cafe said,

“We are delighted to give this space to Belagavi and this is the biggest cafe in this area. We also have a dedicated parking area of 2200 sq feet. On the design front, we always try to use local favors of the city like the walls are made up of mud and the Sofas are unique in design but yet cosy.
The cafe has library, multiple sitout areas and encourage visitors to spend more time there than it takes to drink a cup of coffee and have a snack. The conventional approach to store design has been confronted and they have instead tried to customize the stores to the local place.”


The main hall can accommodate 70 people for small parties, get to gethers and community events along with a meeting room which can accommodate 15 people. There are also the 3 Gazebos which can accommodate 10 people each.

The Cafe Seven Beans has a dedicated live band/music space and will soon have a dedicated Spark Up area, which is a fully furnished business centre, designed to attract wannabe entrepreneurs.

This cafe is for everyone old and young, the community programs aimed on weekends will give importance to local talent.

Must try out Food –
Arrabiata Pasta, Ceasar’s Vegita, Butter Garlic Potatoes, Soups, Desserts like Sizzling Brownie and a whole range of Hot and Cold Coffees, Smoothies and Coolers. Shakes especially Mocha Choco Cookie Crumble.

So do lets us know your feedback if you go there…

Lets catch up at Cafe Seven Beans, Beside – KTM and Royal Enfield Showroom, Near Krishnadevraya Circle, Nehru Nagar, Belagavi 590001.  Contact- 9886645996

7 thoughts on “Cafe Seven Beans a new peppy place to hang out in Belagavi”

  1. The worst food you could get in a cafe.. This place is a cafe they say, but the coffee doesn’t even taste like it. All the dishes are pathetic. Plz remember, when they say salsa, it’s only some cheap tomato ketchup. The manchow soup is served with bread?. Not fried noodles. I hope the logic is understood. & they take service tax for what? The parking or the disgusting smell there? Occasionally one AC will be on and even that’s done on requests. I have visited the place several times hoping to find something better every time as they always told me “sir abhi menu change ho raha hai, just open hua hai” n believe me, that just kept getting worse every time. Please don’t think of taking your friends there ever n dream of having a good time. Save yourself from that embarrassment. Thank you.

  2. TERRIBLE in capital letters…. Mayo slathered on a bun with a lean patty and web of cheese, doesn’t qualify for a burger. The sloppy burgers and sandwiches with lots of finely chopped tomato is not okay for the price they charge. Ambience is the only thing that draws crowds. Not worth another visit for me.


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