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Health 365 Polyclinic: Novel Startup In Health Care In Belagavi

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A growing city is always in need of good quality and affordable health care which is accessible to most of the people. However, there is a huge gap between the supply and demand and many patients don’t get timely relief due to reasons such as affordability, lack of quality health care providers, inaccessibility to quality treatment and lack of patient centric clinics.
In order to bridge this gap, 4 MBA holders have introduced “Health 365 Polyclinic with Pharmacy and Lab services”. As the name suggests, they aim to keep a person healthy every single day.

We have seen Doctors open their own clinics and hospitals but here Management graduates have triedto answer to this question of health care.

health-365-polyclinic belagaviStarted by MBA graduates, along with doctors, it’s a new concept in Belagavi, where in doctors only concentrate on patient care and management, leaving aside the hassles of clinic maintenance, marketing, infrastructure etc.
Sanjay Koujalagi who has done MBA from IMSR Hubli, Nachiket A Hanmantgad from GIT Belagavi, Arjun Kalkutkar from IMER Belagavi and Gautam Inchal has done Mpharma are the Co founders of this venture.
health-365-polyclinic-belagaviSpeaking to AAB, Nachiket A Hanmantgad said “ The Idea of starting chain of polyclinic struck during project work of MBA. It was observed by one of the co founder that there is absence of credible brand in the space of OPD (Out Patient Department) based clinic. People are relying on the nearby clinics, references, or visiting large hospitals. In large hospitals patients have to wait for a longer time, travel longer distance etc. Thus in order to reduce such a burden on patients and create a credible brand in the OPD based clinic we came up with the concept of Health 365 Polyclinic.”

The polyclinic consists of OPD based clinics, pharmacy and laboratory, all under one roof, interlinked by a software to provide a hassle-free experience to patients.

Their first polyclinic is located at Adarsh Nagar, Hindawadi (Opposite to IMER College). In the next 12-18 months, they plan to establish four such polyclinics across the city and provide quality care to the population of Belagavi.

They intend to be the neighborhood clinic which will be known for providing the highest level of health care services to our city.

Services offered currently by various medical experts in the field of General Medicine Dr. B S Mahantshetty, New born and child specialist (Pediatrics) Dr. Pawan Mutalik, Orthopedics Dr. Amit Pingat, Clinical Researcher Dr. Akash Gadgade and Physiotherapist Dr. Neha Patel along with a full-fledged Laboratory and a fully equipped pharmacy with trained staff.

They are also providing home-based nursing services, physiotherapist’s home visit and home-delivery of medicines. They also have annual membership option for Individuals, Family and Senior citizens.

They have conducted many medical camps on “Diabetes and Hypertension” and “Child Growth monitoring” till now with the latest being on 15th August at the clinic.

Bone Mineral Density, Diabetes and Hypertension, Joint clinic, Vaccination, heart disease screening Camp is organised on 20 th September, Tuesday between 4pm to 7pm.

Please contact 0831-2445365, 8197362365 for camp registration or any further information.

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