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Crush Love Jehad Pramod Muthalik

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muthalikPramod Mutalik, founder of Sri Rama Sene, announced that his Srirama Sene will outfox and drive out ‘Love Jehad’ within a year. Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday October 21, he said that the Sene will achieve the objective by creating awareness among the Hindu girls.

An all India level awareness campaign against this Love Jehad will be launched. The aim behind this campaign will be to create awareness amongst the girls of the plans of Love Jehad. Already the Sene has intervened and stopped 25% of such activities, he claimed.


Karnataka High Court directed the state and Kerala to probe the “Love Jehad movement” where young non-Muslim girls are allegedly trapped into marriage and converted into Islam, the government today decided to convene a meeting of top police officials soon to discuss ways of countering it.

Source: Outlook & Dajiworld


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