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Stamp paper now only at Sub registrar office


The State bank of Mysore had an agreement with the Govt of Karnataka to distribute Stamp papers and same finished on 1-10-2009. From then no Stamp papers are being sold in the bank.stamp

In Belgaum State bank of Mysore was the main bank which was supplying the stamp papers.

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Now that the distribution of the stamp papers has been stopped from the bank people have now to approach the sub registrar office in the court premises with their documents ready and pay the requisite fees and get the document stamped from the Sub registrar office.

E franking has been planned but when the same will commence is still not known.

From the beginning getting stamp papers in Belgaum has been very difficult and not so easy and with having to approach the sub registrar office will make things even thornier.



  1. In maharashtra, stamp papers are sold by the stamp vendors, as per the old tradition only. Additionally, Co-operative banks are authorised for franking. Everything is so smooth.

    In belgaum I had a horrible time waiting in Q for 2 hrs to get ONE stamp paper of 100 Rs.

    Things must change, else Belgaum will never develop.


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