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DESIGN YOUR DESTINY: workshop by Suhas Talwar

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On this very site I had interviewed Suhas Talwar and then he had thought of a program in Belgaum and it’s great news to Belgaumites as he is conducting his first ever workshop in Belgaum city on April 26. Details are below:


“Live a life by design and not by chance”

Dear Friend,

Suhas Talwar invites you to this workshop “Design Your Destiny” to have a powerful experience of the finest strategies, tools and resources available for creating an extraordinary quality of life – where you not only achieve your ultimate goals, but also experience the happiness that you may have only dreamed about in the past. The secrets of how successful people think, act and also how to break fears and take massive action. How to control your emotions and create long lasting relationships.

A summary of the program:

The ultimate success formula – Winning strategies.

How to achieve anything you want

The incredible power of beliefs

Goal setting and achieving your goals

Values – your driving force

Design your destiny

So, now that you know about the program, you would like to know how this will benefit you. I would love to answer that question and here is the answer.


You will experience:

How to take massive action and produce results

Breakthrough procrastination

Get the drive to live your dreams in your daily life

Learn how to accelerate success

Design your life, rather than living by chance/luck.

This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to be successful and live a life by design and not by chance or luck. This program is the first step you will take to living life of your dreams.


Date: 26th April 2009

Venue: Adarsh Palace

For Registrations and fees contact:

Mr. Prashant Puthran

[email protected]

[email protected]

+91 94483 47468 or (0)98508 18128


All those calling up for registrations tell him you read about the workshop on

 Trainee’s View

Suhas has the extra ability to connect to people. And in the training, that’s what makes him more effective. Definitely one of the best trainers I have interacted with.

Geetanjali Siriki.

Network Trainer

It was a very interesting and motivating program. I was able to discover the cause of my problems and find a way to overcome them. This program has made it easier for me to make decisions and take action. Thanks to Suhas.

Manmeet Kaur Sandhu.

Quality Analyst, Infosys.


“Suhas is a very unassuming person and transcends all barriers to connect with you, in a very reassuring way. He is practical in his approach, at the same time encouraging, making sure we make and raise our goals every time. More so, he teaches you to believe in yourself in a way you never did before. His guidance is truly a mind-opener.” Suhas, truly, it’s been a pleasure being associated to you.

Neeren Randive



Adjectives would be less to describe Mr. Suhas Talwar. I came into the contact of this person in Infosys. He was my trainer in Infosys. He is an amazing motivational speaker his views, thoughts and ideas are fantastic. I appreciate the way he inspires and motivates people. His

quality of changing a person’s inferior complex to superior complex is stupendous. Just want to share one small thing if you are in his company your attitude would be:

” To see is to know.

” To desire is too able.

” To dare is to have.

Abhijit Janve


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