BJP could get a shock: Belgaum may see a surprise

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The campaigning is the final week as Belgaum will vote on 23rd and all the candidates are trying to woo the voters by all the means possible. election

 Congress is playing the hit song ‘Jai Ho’ to catch the minds of the voters and BJP is playing the ‘Bhai ho’. The latest trend this time has been SMS and internet. The giant screen on the Nucleus mall is displaying ads of all the 3 main candidates in the fray.

The BJP is trying to woo the Marathi voter who is against Angadi for his U turn on the Safforn flag issue and BJP is trying to woo the Marathi Voters by playing Marathi songs like Garja Maharashtra Maza tunes changed with BJP words. The congress is not really doing this kind of campaigning.

The JD(s) on a smaller note has been organizing padyatras and meetings in different areas on small scale and meeting one to one. The candidates are having small meetings in different areas.

The BJP is in such a precarious situation right now and all this is thanks to its candidate Suresh Angadi who plunged into the Saffron flag issue of the corporation so that he will get support of the Marathi voters but this has boomeranged on him as the Kannada activists are still demanding and protesting against Anagdi’s candidature and also the fact the both the MES and KRV have openly asked people not to vote for Angadi.

In the last election the 2.25 lakh Marathi voters played a vital role in victory of Anagdi and this time if these votes don’t come BJP’s way a surprise is in store.

When this blog spoke to a group of Marathi voters, they said this time they have not yet decided what they will do. One person added that he might just skip voting only this time, as he felt he has no good choice. Kudachi’s support to Angadi was welcome wish for Angadi but it was not heartily welcomed by the BJP, sources say.

This is the best time to get some donations and sources say this is going on. The leaders are also making promises to solve the problems of the people but no one is mentioning a point- point to  answer to a problem, it’s all in vague, “if we are elected we will solve your problems” [your means us or THEIRS has to be seen]

Could Elephant of BSP surprise, may not be as no campaigning has been seen profoundly in the city.

The JD(s) candidate A B Patil yesterday said that Angadi is out of the race and he was ahead of his opponents and his closet rival was Amarsinh Patil.

Still there is a week’s time for doing the last minute calculations of who will vote where and what has to be done.

On this very site the mock poll for voting the MP is showing a lead to the BJP, but as this is voted by non voters (who will not vote physically) spread across the world this in reality could be a different scenario. The Rural voters will be the chunk of the voting and as Belgaum has normally seen a voter turnout of about 60% the same can be expected this time also.


The young generation or the first time voters might even have their say. We all speak of equality etc but when it comes to election Language, Caste do play a role and that cannot be denied.  

In short, this is could be close fight and winning percentages could be lower than last time. But to know who will be our MP we will have to wait till May 16, and before that, “WE ALL NEED TO VOTE”. Be it anyone we need to go out and VOTE and make our vote count. You don’t like a candidate vote against him instead of not Voting. Well many won’t agree to this but as per the provisions of the present law this is the best we can do.


So vote on April 23, don’t forget, all your holiday activities should start after you have voted. So the first thing in the morning at 7 am GO OUT AND VOTE. I WILL BE AT THE POLLING BOOTH AT 7 am to cast my vote; you know what even my vote could make the difference.

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