A food box for the needy

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It’s the new year, and spreading the cheer and joy among the poor, needy is a Food Box at Purohit Celebrations, opposite Kala mandir, near first gate Tilakwadi, Belagavi.

The food box was inaugurated by Tilakwadi PI M.N Deshnur on the first day of the new year.

food-box-belagaviWhat is Food Box?
It’s a fridge where people can place any food stuff which is in excess for them and is in good condition. Like cooked food, fruits, vegetables so that the food is not wasted. The same will be collected by the needy.

The food box will be open from 9am to 9pm. Anyone can place food in it and anybody can take. Do read the basic points which is pasted next to the food box.

  • Place only VEG food
  • Collect sticker and put expiry on the food
  • please pack the food properly before keeping it


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  1. This concept will catch up of ‘giving’ by not wasting excess food.
    It will be a great feeling to see someone taking advantage of such facility.

  2. Excellent Work. Food for the needy one. Well done “Purohit Celebrations” for this work.

    Purohit Celebrations – Please an you your contact details so that anyone who is interested can provide their support for this excellent worth cause of helping the needy.

    I want to help/sponsor you ….


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