Gods own Children – Iliyas Mujawar

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In today’s day & age where we are identified by our names,recognized by our religion, this is a rare act of Godliness.
In an example of communal harmony
one can find Iliyas Mujawar of Alwan Galli visiting his Hindu Friends during Ganesh Festival not to see and admire the Ganesh idol but to help his friends in the decoration and getting the idol. He is part of the celebrations and actively takes part in the planning of the decoration at each one of his friends house.

iliyas mujawar belgaum
Iliyas Mujawar busy in decorating

Ganesh festival has brought happiness and prosperity and its gives him peace hence each year he visits and helps in decoration for Lord Ganesha.iliyas-belgaum

Iliyas makes it a point to visit Sachin Kagle’s house and help in the decoration part each year. The Kagle’s also find him as their family member only.

Iliyas also helps his others friends Raju Sutar, Santosh Karekar and others with their decoration for the arrival of the Lord.

This is a unique example of brotherhood and communal amity.

7 thoughts on “Gods own Children – Iliyas Mujawar”

  1. Great example to live in peace and harmony with all. Many more friends also do the same who respect and each others faith and religions. I have friends who are Hindus, Muslims and Christians. And religion never comes between us.

  2. All belgaumites irrespective of religion live in harmony with each other. U will find n number of examples similar to Ilyas Mujawar. Few anti social elements cant digest this n try to divide us. We should give blow to thier faces. Remember united we stand and divided we fall. Let’s always stay united for prosperous Belgaum. Hum sab ek hain.

  3. Belgaum ke rehne wale sabhi Hindu Muslim hamesha se Ganesh chatruthi, Baqar Eid Deewali Holi mil kar manate hein. Kuch baahar ke log hein jo hum me phoot daalkar apna ullu seedha karne ki koshish karte hein. Hum sabko ekta qaayam rakhte hue ekta ke dushmano ko pehchaanna hoga.


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