Failed robbery attempt of at Tilakwadi

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Second robbery in a week in SV Colony

At around 2 am on Sunday Morning a group 2-5 people laden with knifes and sword like weapons tried to attack the security guard of the residence of Ahuja at Swami Vivekanand colony behind Arun theater with chloroform.
robberyThis was seen by another security guard in the neighboring building who whistled hard and made noise and the group fled away leaving the swords and knifes at the spot.
Last week also a robbery was done at Sangam Bailoors house in SV colony in front of Ganesh temple.
Even though this is a failed attempt the police must deploy more forces at night to avoid such cases.

6 thoughts on “Failed robbery attempt of at Tilakwadi”

  1. Where is that Hot mouth woman MLA of congress ( one who was talking about taking police to task about some petty truck permit stuff) is she gonna take police to task now???? to her ht mouth cooled down.


  2. Installation of CCTV cameras at every possible locations is needed, citizen of Belgaum should take initiative and fix cctvs at their residence, could solve most of the robbery cases.


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