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Green Saviours Gang apprehended

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Citizens just apprehended a group of volunteers who are guilty of digging pits to plant trees, stealing mango saplings from roadsides for future transplantation, removing weeds around the planted trees, digging composting pits, clicking selfies with trees and spending their valuable 4 hours every Sunday for indulging in the said practices. A large stash of sickles, spades and pickaxes was recovered. They call themselves dedicated members of a gang that goes with the name Green Saviours.

The gang is guilty of planting 1600+ trees in and around Belagavi and of stealing over 800 mango saplings from roadsides.

green-saviorsWhen interviewed, the members were unrepentant regarding their deeds and promised to continue their work regardless of the difficulties they encounter. They also extended their invitation to ask other citizens to join and be partners in crime.

The gang comprises industrialists, civil contractors, insurance agents, retired armymen, consultants, educationists, actors, pensioners, students, housewives, children and even families.

They have been sentenced to a minimum of 10+ years of hard labour in fields, open plots and mountain tops.

4 thoughts on “Green Saviours Gang apprehended”

  1. just 10 yrs ? minimum of a lifetime sentence is the required for these culprits, i too want
    to join these hardcore criminals ,i want to commit the crime outside my house… Can you plz tell me the address of the hideout?My weapons are ready….

    • Best part of the article:
      “They have been sentenced to a …………..of hard labour in…….”
      And Treeminal … reply

  2. A very nice inspiring article, need many more such initiatives. However many many thanks for the volunteers of GS who are role model for many.


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