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Whose Drainage is it anyway?

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For the past fortnight the Drainage is overflowing at RPD cross and no one is interested in solving the same, as sources say it is an issue of Jurisdiction.
The PWD which has built the Khanapur Road and the City Corporation which has built the gutters on RPD college road both are shredding their responsibilities.

Bikers making way through the over flowing drainage and the Ganpati Pandal on the back

But the citizens are the ones who are suffering. Due to this even the local wells are getting contaminated.

To add to this, one local resident observed that the Gutters coming from RPD College road have not been connected to the ones made by the PWD.rpd-drainage-1

This is a clear case of lack of coordination between the authorities and the citizens are suffering.

Now the citizens are asking the question Whose Drainage is it anyway?

2 thoughts on “Whose Drainage is it anyway?”

  1. Rightly pointed out, Another thing is NO STREET LIGHTS on Congress Road.Previously we used to see some parties replacing /repairing it now a days its absolutely dark even at the junction of Agarkar Road-congress road.


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