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Sampagaon’s Shahi Masjd or Jumma Masjid

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sampgaon masjidSampagaon in Bailhongal Taluka is 35 kms from Belgaum and has this wonderful monument Shahi Masjd also called Jumma Masjid has amazing architectural beauty. Specially the inner pillar are designed in such a marvelous way the visitor will feel surprised by the design.
The monument is a protected monument under the Archaeological survey of India and a board of this also exists at the site. But no info on the building as such is mentioned.

This was a preferred place under the rule of Adil Shahis. If you look into the region this is the only place in the surrounding to have monuments of Adil Shahi.

The Kittur dynasty was established by two brothers, Hiremallashetty and Chickamallashetty of Sagar,Shimoga district, who were in the service of Sultan Adilshah. In 1586 AD, the sultan conferred the regions of Kittur and its adjoining areas, as a jagir to the brothers. Initially their capital was Sampagaon, but during the rule of Mudimallapa Desai their sixth ruler, the capital was changed to Kittur.

Source: Wikipiedia/archives

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