Fragrance and Flickers – the story of a woman entrepreneur Rasika Kadolkar

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fragrance house belgaumShe admired fragrance sensation and wondered how it was made?
Now she manufactures designer candles, perfumes, colognes and exports them, meet the Best Women Entrepreneurs Award winner Rasika Kadolkar how runs her self started enterprise “Fragrance House”.

Rasika established FRAGRANCE HOUSE in 2005 and since then her company has been a trustworthy Manufacturer, Exporters and Supplier of Hand blended Perfumes and Designer Candles.

The natural products offered have attracted various national as well as international clientèle who have placed repeated orders. Products from Fragrance House have made it to countries like China, Canada, USA, European countries to mention a few and also not to forget the local Indian market.
Whether you’re looking for Pillar Candles or Votive Candles, her innovative collection of Designer Candles will definitely suffice anyones taste and liking.
She has gained expertise in many arts without any formal training. She has also conducted courses like Malisian Art, Ceramic works, water fountain, Mehandi Classes, Emorydery, Charcoal Painting, Nail Work Design etc.

Rasika giving her second interview to AAB spoke to our Feature’s Editor Puneeet Deshpande about her business and where she aims to take it:

AAB: What has changed over from the last interview taken in 2012?
Rasika ———–> Actually a lot.. I have become more professional and I have learnt to speak the language of business. A lot of new ideas have been incorporated and now have got associated with different self help groups which has doubled my reach locally and also globally.

AAB: Does Belgaum really have an atmosphere for entrepreneurs?

Rasika ———–> Why not? Anywhere, things at the beginning are not fairy tale type but with time the outlook of people and the overall perspective towards women entrepreneurs have changed for the better. It now feels a much better than in 2005 when it comes to being an entrepreneur.fragrance house belgaum

AAB: Is there any support from Govt for women entrepreneurs?
Rasika ———–> COMEX is an exhibition held once in 5 years by the Govt which helps entrepreneurs to showcase their products. They have lots to offer on the plate and we according to our requirements have to look for right scope and opportunities. Having said that my stall was awarded as “Best Stall” in B Group category at the COMEX held in 2014 and of course there are some schemes run by DIC and govt from time to time exclusively for women, but the sad part is not many are aware of this and availing them with the red tapism is also a hurdle.

AAB: You started Fragrance House in 2005 where do you see it now and are you happy with the growth?
Rasika ———–> Fragrance House is doing satisfactory; I will not say that I am happy with the growth thats because, I believe the moment I say, I am happy then my growth stops and I will step into a comfort zone or be contented and that is what I dont want myself to feel so. I am always on a look out for something new and unique and I re-invent myself every time and make innovative products.

AAB: And how do you do that?
Rasika ———–> Like for eg: Paper quilling designs on my candles gives that unique look and appeal. For this I learnt paper quilling and applied my creativity on to the candles and I see that is selling like hot cakes. I have customers from all over infact from outside India too ordering my products.fragrance house belgaum

AAB: What is that you have learnt over the years?
Rasika ———–> From beginning itself I had a passion to do something new and unique all on my own. For me initially or for that matter for anyone Candle would just mean a lighting equipment when the power goes. But after doing some research, my whole perception changed and I realised a lot can be done. Learning is a constant process and for that I have learnt candle therapy, aroma therapy etc and my ISB stint in Bangalore changed totally. My business plan was selected at ISB and that was a moral booster. I am associated with TIE and I had just attended TIE summit in Hubli sometime back and there I was selected for making a presentation, within no time I was ready with my presentation and I was selected among top 5 presentations done.

It was then I realised that there is always a market for the new and innovative products. Market is always there but its only the timing, product and your perseverance to get it right and bang on. Its like hitting the nail right on to head.

AAB: Do you conduct any trainings for women who are interested in learning such products?
Rasika ———–> I do conduct basic training sessions quite often, infact I have made presentations to many colleges and other women organisations. Students from colleges come to me for doing projects and get good training on the products. Yes there are certain things which I mean trade secrets which cannot be revealed those things are not a part of training schedule.

AAB : What is the percentage of exports and how much you cater to Indian market.
Rasika ———–> Exports as such is not direct, I am exporting right now through indirect means that is I sell my product to other manufacturer and they further export it under their label. I want to start exporting on my own and cater to larger market outside India. In India I am catering to major cities mainly Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Bangalore etc. I have larger audience in these cities and yes there is interest among lot of people to buy such products.

AAB: How many people you have employed in your company.
Rasika ———–> Presently I have about 6 people working for my brand. I have plans to increase my work force if things fall in place as I have decided.

AAB: Under what brand name do you sell your products and which are they?
Rasika ———–> I sell my products under the brand name “SIDH” which means `Proved’. And yes I have proved my metal and still have a long way to go. The products sold under this brand are candles and hand blended perfumes.

AAB : What keeps you going?
Rasika ———–> My Dad’s Inspiration. If it was not for him, today I would have lead a normal life and would not have thought of anything big like this. He has been my biggest strength and his guidance at every step is the best I could ask for. I miss him a lot and he has created a vacuum in my life which is very hard to fill. But his words, his wishes and blessings are always there with me and that keeps me going ahead…

AAB: Ok Tell us about your Future plans
Rasika ———–> Its Online Online and Online ride on the bandwagon of E-commerce…. Yes I have tied with Ebay and Amazon to sell my products online. By this my reach is vast and have accordingly described my products to cater to overseas market. I believe that there are many companies selling products online but one needs to describe these products crisp and clear to create a demand in the market and that should start rolling in orders and fill our cash registers.

With this I am venturing into handicrafts as well. I am still studying on this and would soon come out with more products.

AAB : Whats the message you would want to give to upcoming women entrepreneurs?
Rasika ———–> Just one thing never give up, there are lots of challenges thrown and things will not be as rosy as told but there is light at the end of tunnel. One has to believe in oneself and that belief will take us through all the perils. Dream big to achieve big.

AAB: Your take on and if you could suggest any changes.
Rasika ———–> Simply brilliant. There is a reason for me to say so, let me just quote my experience with AAb here; There was this person from Germany who had been searching for my products, online for almost 3 years and finally he got my contact through AAB and he came down to Belgaum all the way from Germany to pick my products that was very overwhelming. And I owe this to AAB. Let me check this time who will come searching for my products after this interview.. 

Fragrance House, Shankar Kashi Building, 79/1 Adarsh Nagar, Hindwadi Belgaum. Contact – 9880816340

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