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Why is Bogarves Called so

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“Bogarve galli to the west of Kodolkar vada, reaching to the western border of the town leading to the camp, takes its name either from the houses or the caste of Bogars or coppersmiths who used to live in it. Many new houses have lately been built, and the place has a few Brahmans and Kunbi houses and is the head- quarters of Belgaum prostitutes.”

Taken from the GAZETTEER OF THE BOMBAY PRESIDENCY written in 1884.

Dharmveer Sambhaji Chowk  is known popularly as Bogarves.

Many things have changed since this was written. But a part of history.

8 thoughts on “Why is Bogarves Called so”

  1. even Pu la ( great marathi playwrite who also was stationed at Belgaum) mentiones the Bogarves connection in his biography Raosaheb.

  2. every is thing written in TARUN BHARATs mirror supplements series PANE ITIHASACHI. no matter all about belgaum is just coppying it but redy to give reference……….. is it correct????????????/

    • Hi Prasad
      U allege that matter is taken from Tarun Bharat.
      Please read the entire post carefully it mentions from where it has been taken
      Taken from the GAZETTEER OF THE BOMBAY PRESIDENCY written in 1884.
      I have the entire copy of the 757 gazette.

      and this was posted on June 4, 2010 when u were not even writing itihache pane in Mirror. U started writing Mirror about some weeks back.
      Uday Kinjawadekar


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