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New Summer Menu from Middle east at Marrakesh

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With summer in full swing and the mercury northbound, it is advised that apart from drinking lots of water, a special summer diet consisting of light and healthy food would ensure a cool mind and body. In summer, light food should be preferred which can be digested easily.

Marrakesh, the Mediterranean-inspired restaurant plates classics dishes of the region with Indian touch, has launched a new Summer Menu which will definitely tickle those taste buds but at the same time give you that soulful menu for summer which one can digest easily with less spices.

The new Summer menu puts on the table a range of innovative dishes from the middle east which many might have not even heard of.

Watermelon Fattoush marakeesh
Watermelon Fattoush

Watermelon Fattoush, bread salad made from toasted or fried pieces of pita bread combined with mixed greens and other vegetables, such as radishes and tomatoes and Watermelon.

Basil Hummus marakeesh
Basil Hummus
 Sundried Tomato Hummus marakeesh
Sundried Tomato Hummus

Basil and Sundried Tomato Hummus, Hummus is a Levantine and Egyptian food dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas or other beans, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Here you have a choice of Basil and Sundried Tomato Hummus.

Shish taouk, is a traditional marinated chicken shish kebab of Middle Eastern cuisine. This is also served with Paneer instead of meat.

Kafta Khashkhash marakeesh
Kafta Khashkhash

Kafta Khashkhash, Kofta with Burghul is made with burghul( a cereal food made from the groats of several different wheat species, most often from durum wheat). Khashkhash means poppy but actually, it has no relation to the ingredients, however, the verb it derives from khashkhash means rattle or crackle, since this kafta has to be grilled therefore.

Kabsa Rice marakeesh
Kabsa Rice

Kabsa Rice, is a family of mixed rice dishes that originates in Yemen. Made with rice (usually long-grain, such as basmati), meat, vegetables, and a mixture of spices. There are many kinds of kabsa and each kind has a uniqueness about it. You can try this rice in Chicken, Mutton or Veg variants.

Irani Tandoori, lightly flavoured chicken with black peper, Cream, Cheese.
Nachos in Arbi style is one more offering along with some deserts and home made beverages like Basil & Watermelon Daiquiry, Chilli Mojito.

Watermelon and basil diaquiri
Watermelon and basil diaquiri

Speaking to AAB Touseef Shaikh, Franchisee owner of MarrakeshBelagavi said that, “We have plans to give the best taste and service in town. We will try and get the different tastes of the Middle east to the foodies of Belagavi and we hope our endeavor of giving something new is appreciated and accepted.”

Marrakesh: A M Shaikh Compound, Nehru Nagar, Belagavi.

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