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Maithily Velangi wins award from Landscape Architecture from School of Planning and Architecture

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Maithily G. Velangi, resident of Tilakwadi, Belgaum who did her Bachelors of Architecture(B.Arch) in KLS Gogte Institute of Technology won “Shriya Anand Award” awarded by Landscape Foundation, India at The national level Students design competition 2014.

Maithily is currently pursuing my Masters in Landscape Architecture from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

The national level Students design competition 2014 based on theme “Seen-unseen” hosted by Landscape Foundation, India.

Landscape Foundation, India is a non-profit public trust constituted with the objectives of increasing the understanding and visibility of the field of landscape architecture in India. It encourages and supports exchange of information about the subject by organizing design competition, initiating and supporting research works in the field especially for students and young professionals.SHEET 1

Under the title “HIDDEN SOULS OF THE CITY …. may just be in our backyards!” the theme of the competition “Seen-Unseen” was interpreted in terms of unveiling the potentials of wastelands which are part of any city fabric today. Some wastelands are the results of defunct infrastructure corridors as in case of the site highlighted in this project.

For the said competetion Maithilymade a presentation by taking the example of “Bhangi Bols” which are an integral part of Tilakwadi neighbourhood in Belgaum. Every resident of this area will know what is a Bhangi Bol and at the back of their minds will have an image of it as a dirty lane of their backyards, where they generally dispose garbage. With current modes of waste infrastructural operations, these corridors once utilized as service lanes, now project themselves as mere defunct by-product of contemporary living standards.

By conceiving such strategies the project attempts to strengthen this relation between infrastructure and spatial quality through ecological, social and mobility strategies to redefine and surface the unseen potential of these existing sterile alleyways. The consequences of this change are projected by connecting these corridors to the urban society in natural, social and cultural way. While doing so, the infrastructural layers are not negated yet the new-relations that can be generated are foreseen and presented.

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  1. Nice one… it suits to theme ‘seen-unseen’…! Bhangi bol’s (back Street’s) have vital role in keeping front roads clean and hygiene…!
    Nice study… Keep up…!


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