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Muheera the Belgaum band

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Dressed in white,with a friendly smile,

My trust is bright on you
With a ring above your head and the wings by your side and i just can’t stop looking at you
” – single of the Band Muheera.muheera

A group of young college mates from Belgaum travel to Goa, all would think they are here to have fun, but these folks are here with a passion and just recorded their debut album for their band “Muheera”

Prateeksha Nayak, Asmeet Prabhudesai and Shivraj Kutre form the band Muheera. All the members are college going students with Asmeet and Prateeksha pursuing their bachelors degree from Gogte College of Commerce whereas Shivraj is an architecture student at B V B College of Engineering and Technology, Hubli.

Prateeksha plays the guitar, Asmeet plays the guitar, keyboards, tabla and congo and Shivraj is a rapper.muheera1

“Muheera aims at bringing in a sense of positivity in every song ,with so much of vice and misery around, all we want to do is to put in a feel good factor in our music.”

Muheera’s first single ‘Angel’ has been loved by people nationally and internationally alike,in a span of just 2 days the song touched the 5th position all over India on the site reverbnation and 18th on the international charts on the site

Their second single was ‘Ud Ja’.

Here is what Muheera had to say about their passion to us:

How did “Muheera” as a band originate? And why Muheera?

Muheera said ——-> Muheera originated way back in 2011 and was a concept by Mr. Keerthy Narayan and Mr. Roshan Alvares. Due to certain personal reasons Keerthy had to leave the city and the band stopped functioning for some months. We went through our set of highs and lows, there were many who came and left after a long wait our manager Mr. Victor Sadanand joined the band and it was all reformed in January 2012 and that is when we actually went ahead to record our very first single. Ever since things are being managed by Mr. Victor. Sadanad and Mr.Roshan Alvares,

‘MUHEERA’ the name has no specific meaning, IT IS WE WHO ARE MUHEERA, we give meaning to the name, we are MUHEERA.

Hey guys! You are just 17+ and you are making music, how does it feel?

Muheera said ——-> Being young helps in more ways than one, you get to absorb things quickly, it is at this age that a person goes through a lot of changes and doing music helps because it is easier to express in the language of music.

How is the response, what did Muheera want to achieve with their music?

Muheera said ——-> The response has been very good so far, we have fans not just from Belgaum but from the whole of India and abroad as well, there have been record number of plays and downloads to our songs in every site our songs have been put up. we have featured on a couple of prominent newspapers of Goa and have also recorded a show for Radio Mirchi, it is the start which everyone dreams of. Through our music all we wanted to achieve was to reach out to everybody out there and make people smile, think, shed a tear or two and express through our music.

You have chosen the Internet to showcase your talent any reason behind this?

Muheera said ——-> Our songs were released on the net for the simple reason of connecting with the world, we wanted a wider audience to showcase our talent and the net being the most widespread medium helped. we have been able to share our music with the world and the response was so good that our first single angel ranked 5th on the national charts and 18th on the international charts

Belgaum is more known for classical and semi classical music, how are you treated in your town with this rap and western music?

Muheera said ——-> Very true, we want to fuse classical with Western. Asmyth and Prateeksha are both training under Pt. Mukund Gore for Hindustani classical, they can sing ragas with the same elan as that of a rock or a pop number, this is the age of fusion and what better way than to fuse classical, bollywood, rock, pop and rap.muheera rm

Would you folks continue the band after your studies or is it just a College days gang?

Muheera said ——-> We would never have taken things this far if that would have been the thought, we intend to go professional unlike the many college bands in the city which are formed during their respective college days and disappear as soon as they are done with their course.

Have you performed in Belgaum? If yes experiences or else when?

Muheera said ——-> We have done a couple of shows in Belgaum, one of them being our own concert. the experience has been great, it always feels special when you perform at home. We have also performed at the Marriott resort in Goa with our music producer Mr. Colin D’cruz.

How did you manage to get the finances for the video and album shooting?

Muheera said ——-> For the album recording we have been shelling out from our own pockets so far, we are halfway through with our album and the video shoot will begin as soon as the recording for the album is completed. We are looking out for sponsors who would like to sponsor the video and the album.

What is your inspiration behind your first album?

Muheera said ——-> The very thought of making an album was put forth by one of our managers Mr. Victor. Sadanand and ever since we started working on it, all we wanted to bring into our songs was truth and positivity. the two very basic traits are on the verge of being forgotten and we through our album wanted to reaffirm our faith in them.

When is your first album being released and can you tell something more about it?

Muheera said ——-> The album will be released shortly, we plan to hold a release bash in Belgaum and Goa with our Sponsors , Music Producer, Video Directors , Goa and local media and select invitees.

How has been the support from the family?

Muheera said ——-> Like every family, even our families want us to multitask with academics and music, at the end of the day we have to be doing well in our studies in order to continue making music, that poses a challenge each time, but then, what is life without some challenges??

Bands go through quite a lot during the formative years. What has been the most saddest/hardest time for the band?

Muheera said ——-> Very true, like every band we have had our set of highs and lows, as we mentioned earlier, the band was formed in 2011 and it actually started functioning in 2012, that is quite a long gap and the wait was frustrating for all of us

What you and the band has been listening lately, any particular artist or track?

Muheera said ——-> You won’t believe us if we say none of our playlists match, Plainlogic (Shivraj Kutre) has been listening to a lot of yelawolf and lowkey while Asmeet has his ipod playing coldplay and Prateeksha is listening to paul m’cartney and adele.

What do you want your fans to know about the band’s future plans… Message to your fans

Muheera said ——-> The band plans on releasing it’s first album and video shortly, after which we will work on performances in the city as well as outside,all we would like to convey to our fans is that stay tuned, keep the support coming and we love you

What do you think of

Muheera said ——-> All about Belgaum is Belgaum’s window to the world, the coverage is super fast and all the action in the city can be known from this very page, keep up the good work.

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    • A rarity in this day and age among college kids. Most form bands during college days to be the “COol Gang” but later stick to desk jobs and the like. I would definitely like to hear you guys and buy your cd’s.

  1. hey guys,good job .very proud to be a belgaumite..keep it up..i’m very surprised that belgaum guys are doing this.


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