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New Traffic Signals at many circles

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The city is ready to get some more of those (not so functional) Traffic signals at various places.

Take a look at this at RPD corner.

The Traffic lights here were installed in March 2008 and then were operational for only a couple of days.

We had made a story Traffic Signals for what on May 7, 2011 highlighting that the Signals are now thrown off the road onto the sides of Deshmukh road.

New traffic Signals being installed

Yesterday there were new poles and pies seen at RPD corner for installation of NEW traffic signals. When the earlier ones were not used why these new ones?

The road also would be dug up across the street to lay the pipes for the traffic signal another problem for commuters.

We really fail to understand why the new signals when the earlier ones installed were never used and are still lying on the sides.

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Bus stops where the lady is standing so what is the use of the Signal

Traffic signals removed and some of them are lying here from years Another part is if the signals are activated and functional there could be major chaos on Deshmukh road as the road is narrow.

There is bus stop just near the Traffic signal now that will have to be moved for good traffic movement. There are a lot of pedestrian traffic at this circle which also needs to be addressed.

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  1. i think we should widen road to 1000ft so that only things with wheel should be seen on the road, why not fine car users for having their vehicle for so long with only causing propblems for others like traffic jam, pollution, heat when the occupant sits with AC on and paying money at the pump to pay for corrupt politicians and pay to the arab sheikh in dollars


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