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Hot April

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This is first week of April and we have already crossed last years (2011) highest temperature of 36.9 deg C.

Last week the city touched 38 deg C and today at 1430 hours the temperature recorded was 36.4 Deg C and early morning at 0530 hours the recorded temperature was 20.4 Deg C.

The all time highest temperature recorded in April was on 22nd April 1998 of 40 Deg C and the lowest temperature for April is 13.6 (2nd April 2008).

The forecast for the next 4 days says that temperature could rise to 39 Deg C.

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  1. Yes Belgaum is getting hotter day by day. It is still much better here and we are lucky cause if you go to Bellary, Bijapur, Raichur, Gulgarga or Chitradurga it is horrible the way Sun beats you… And to make it worst no good cool off drinks like Sole-kadi or something. It is my personal experience…..


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