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24 per cent of the revenue in the State comes from Belgaum district

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Chief Minister DV Sadananadgowda said that 24% of the revenue in the State comes from Belgaum district and that he would ensure that infrastructure is developed further so that more development becomes possible. He was speaking at the  ‘Agenda Development Karnataka – Focus North Karnataka’ organised jointly by the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Belgaum Chamber of Commerce and Industries

10 MOUs worth 102.96 crores were signed on the occasion.

CM said the state government had approached the Centre seeking funds for developing and upgrading Belgaum airport and railway station. The national highway authority of India has started the tender process for converting the Belgaum-Khanapur road into national highway.

The fact is that NAAI (National Airport Authority of India ) sanctioned 20 crore for Belgaum airport and 3 crores for Railway station.
Karnataka govt has sanctioned 124 crore for Hubli Airport whose liable Belgaum contributing 24% revenue to state exchequer.

Also the CM said that process for converting the Belgaum-Khanapur road into national highway was under process, may be he does not know it is part of the NH 4A so it is a National highway and work on the four laning of the same has begun on papers but not in actual on the ground.

The CM also made a mention that the infrastructure development of Railway station and airport was a Center’s issue and hence the elected the MP’s should raise this voice in Delhi about the same.

Two Bharatiya Janata Party MPs and MLAs, and district in-charge Minister Umesh V. Katti boycotted the convocation of Visvesvaraya Technological University as their names were not there in the invitation card.

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  1. wow 24% feels so good to listen out of 100% we Hold share of 24% yet we are neglected city by State No infra No better Buses Forget Air Connectivity 😐
    yet Belgaum has Potential to produce 24% Revenue & as CM mentioned MP’s should raise this voice in Delhi about the same They are just Waste Bodies to Belgaum
    & to Boycott just names not mentioned we didn’t elect you to attend function we have elected you to Work for Welfare of Common ppl

  2. ABB your article is eye opener.
    As usual Belgaum always gets step brotherly treatment from the state govt. Most funds and projects go to Hubli-Dharwad belt. See NWSRTC division, SWR Railway division, High Court, Tata Motors plant etc etc go there and wat we get…………………………… peanuts.

    Wats the use of all the representatives of of Belgaum city and district. Can anyone answer.

  3. Well, I think 24% from one district alone seems hard to believe. We all know that Bangalore contributes the most to the exchequer, so even if we take it as 25%, does it mean that these 2 districts alone contribute 50% to the exchequer? What about districts like Bellary (mines), Mysore (rated 1st in India for tourism), Mangalore (ports, fisheries etc)? I think either the reporting by AAB is incorrect or the CM has got it wrong.

    • CM said that 24% of the revenue in the State came from the district. same has been mentioned in all papers like TOI, Hindu

      • I am a Belgaumkar and wisher of more development there. I also know that our district’s contribution as revenue to the govt is only next to Bengaluru. But the 24% revenue coming from Belgaum is incorrect. Here’s the lines from TOI (though I didn’t get the The Hindu’s report)- “The contribution to the state’s exchequer from sugar and food processing industry was 24 per cent of its total revenue, he said and added that the government is committed to support these industries which have a strong base in North Karnataka. “. That means 24% of total revenue comes from sugar/food proc industries and these industries have strong presence in N Karnataka -of which Belgaum is a part.

        • Akshay you are wrong agian here

          There are 25 sugar industries in N Karnatka, Belgaum holds 18 working ones plus a Sugar SEZ at Athani , 11 out of 18 sugar factories have 5000 TCD capcity , Belgaum is now home to three Food processing units, ( Relaince Food, Global Agri Corp, and Premium Farm investment portfolio is of 250 Crores) Goa Receives avarge 35 Tons of vegitables daily from Belgaum alone ( Cost 80-85 Lakhs Per day).
          You wants details go on Horticulture and agri produce from govt of Karnataka website you will get production detials district wise, Belguam alone stand more thena togather nine districts of N karnataka..
          Please do your reseacrh before you comment, I never give chance for loose talks

          • Satish, requesting you read my comments instead of commenting blindly. The issue was whether the CM said that 24% of net revenue comes from Belgaum or not. So I have reproduced the lines from TOI where he has said that food proc and sugar sector as a whole contributes 24%. Even I know that Belagavi dist has maximum number of sugar industries and it has a few good food processing industries. But they are not the only of their kind industries in our state and there are others which collectively contribute 24% to state Exchequer.

        • Akshay
          Yes there are other industries , Belgaum have been producing and exporting enriched Aluminia for past 20 years ,The statisitcs are 1991 to 2001 290000 tpa , 2001 to 2010 3,65000 tpa and with now new refining capcity is of 5,10000 TPA ,
          I am an It analyst in Dubai with Capital market , tracks stats and portfolios of , you have any idea of market cao of then INDAL group to Aditya Bila Griup today,
          The capital revenue value for expansion and export is no whare near to all cemant indutries in N Karnataka ( Including the factories at LOKAPUR , YADWAD, GOKAK which are in BGM district ) My arguments are not blind, I have a bunch of reserch docuemtns ammounting a GB of data , have dropbox account can shae with you. 24 % is Belgaum districts revenue , and sorry 350 crores foundry exports are missed out to mention . Borther grow up and learn more about Belguam if you are in India.

      • When Govt of karnataka is getting 24% revenue from Belgaum district alone then why this govt hesitating to spend it’s 25%(of the 24%) on Belgaum. If it gets 25% also then belgaum will get double’s it’s developments pace….

    • Akshay …Please go and ask Reddy’ Brohters How they have sold the ore on jacked up prices with benifitng them not the state exchequer, the ore had changed three hands of their own comapnies before selling to China, Managlore have ports but CFS is in Belgaum and Bangalore no whare else. Mysore tourism is more or less same as Bijapur and Hampi go and find out how many visa are issued to foreigners monthly(File an RTI). If it rains in Belguam all N Karnataka gets waters in the DAMS , and since being rain shadow districts , its yeild per year is 2 to 3 crops compared to one about the palces mentioned by you. there are now 3 global Horticultre/Agricutureal and food processing units comming up at Belguam including a Sugar SEZ, keep dreaming on what other palces mentioned by you contribute. there are many I can highlight and prove, I dont talk without statistics,

      • Editor please mention the correct data when reporting. We know that govt gives stepbrotherly treatment to belgaum when implementation of development works is concerened that does not mean we give wrong data to belgaumites.

        Development of belgaum is only possible when people of belgaum stand together and demand the govt.

  4. Its true but also the pathetic state of affairs , this is how our government is treating Belgaum , and more of that we have such cheap attitude public representatives.
    Do they care for Belguam , Oldest airport still need to get runway extnsion , shabby termial building not worht of 20 corores,
    No mention of funds for RCU ,about VTU most of offices and tech centre are in Mysore and Bangalore so VTU Belguam HQ is for name same.
    Railway station Bldg is not having future requirement , a coaching depot for Cleaning water filling and battery charging , more pit lines and platform.
    Junction demand Belguam Dharwad rail line , Sawantwadi Belgaum Lokapur Bagalkot Raichur Gadwal rail ine , some pathc of this line is under process
    Belgaum Raichur Hydrabad NH ,Belgaum Bijapur Gulbarga NH , Belgaum Halyal Sirsi Kumata Highway , our MP MLA have no vision , only waiting to loot lands for thier future genration

  5. What has state govt has done for Zuari Project , they are sitting on 40 crore deposit for last 4 months , some Babu ( beauracrat with his minsiters consent) might have withdran and kept it is savings to earn interst,)
    Belguam Mahindra tractor plant no whare on paper,
    Govt wating money on Kudgi power plant , the existing power plant at Raichur has shut down two units due to lack of coal supply
    No help for Belgaum foundry comapnies for sourcing raw material
    QUEST Indas fisrt aerospace SEZ Belgaum has its compitator from the state govt with sme kind of SEZ at Bangalore Airport. ( most of the land booked here will never start any plantss, instead will have hotels and recreation of Minsiters in later date)

  6. Nice to know that Belgaum contributes 24% of revenue to the state and yet behind neglected. But very nice to all the comments here on this site. Can these comments be put forward to our representatives so that at least they come to know what educated people think off for the betterment of Belgaum ,state and country. When is this going to change. God save Belagumites.

  7. As we are aware that our elected leaders,MLA,MP or state govt are not able to listen our
    concerns then we need to find out, what we need to do, what is next???.
    1. If nothing is happening for Belgaum’s development, then we need to raise
    our voice to convert Belgaum as Union territory.
    2. That’s why Mah govt is kept it’s eye on Belgaum, They know it’s importance(24% revenue) for them it’s golden egg But foolish Kar govt is neglecting Belgaum’s value….

  8. Out of 100% revenue collected by Karnataka Government 24% is from Belgaum district only. This is good thing for the development of Karnataka State as a Best State. To become best state developments should be carried out in all the districts of Karnataka. Especialy special care should be taken for the development of Belgaum which is known as second capital of Karnataka State.

    My sincere suggestion is that, Belgaum is known for its industrialization and hydraulics products. Belgaum is having rich monuments and archives, since from the old years back to now. In the History of India Belgaum is also well known for its commando training centre/Military centre/Airforce Centre.

    Keeping in view all the above, quick and immediate actions should be taken by the government of Karnataka for the up-liftment of Belgaum Heritage and culture. New Industrial areas should be extended / City of Belgaum to be properly decorated so as to make it as Tourist Place, for tourist all over the world. Goa is a near tourist spot from Belgaum.

    Finally, Belgaum is famous in all sectors like education, art, culture, hospitality, nature and forest with wild life. One who comes to belgaum in connection with job or business will never return to their home-town they plan to settle at belgaum and ofcourse they have already settled also, this is the beauty and simplicity of belgaum.

    Chandrakant Sontakke
    Khanapur (Belgaum District)


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