Now Cheers till 2 am


Yes this could be reality in Belgaum soon, and one could say Cheers even at 2 am at a bar in town.

Excise Minister B Renukacharya today indicated the government might concede the demand of pub and bar owners here to extend the business hours till 2 am from the present 11.30 pm.

In th first phase it will be implemented in Bangalore and then others cities Mangalore, Mysore, Belgaum and Hubli.

It would be a boon for tipplers.

Apart from tourists, a lot of businessmen also had been visiting various parts of the state and they had expressed disappointment about the unavailability of liquor at midnight and this is what has caused this change the minister added.

Govt may permit alcohol serving till 2 am in five-star hotels first and extend the same to bar -and-restaurants across the state.


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  1. this is absolutly right move by the govt…all the sick,coward,hopeless and lifeless people who think bad about this can close their doors at 7pm and sit at home…its not necessary that what u dont like is bad…agar neend na aye toh maa se lori sunlena magar ghar se bahar mat nikalna…

  2. Police will gain with this now.. Drink & Drive cases will reach a high & as in the past we will see cops fielded near Bogarves, Ramdev & Bus stand (areas where u find may bars & rest) to earn their commission

  3. What harm in that ha to keep the bars open. anyways if they arent open till late night people buy the liquior and consume till 3 am or 4 am. Now the pucture will change we may also get the liquior at lesser prices as shops will be open late night. otherwise liquior some shops use to charge 10 rs more after 11:30 pm

  4. This shows the double standards adopted by the government. The tourists and businessmen wanted drinks? And what about roads, power and hygiene? Don't these "businessmen and tourists" need these? The government should stop pretending as people know that it is criminals' haven.

  5. Wow Thats a great news…..Me and my friends used to get dissappointed as we roam around the outskirts in the city till 10:30 PM and when we use to come back for food the bar and restauraunts were closed now will expect the things to change.


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