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Record Set by Tantalizing India

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By uday

The Limca Book of Records  has now officially certified that Tantalizing India has created a New World Record for the fastest all India expedition in a Ford Endeavor. The certification has just come in. Meanwhile, AAB was also informed that Tantalizing India have also been featured in the Limca’s Official 2011 Book of Records.victory

Three friends –Aadil Bandukwala (Belgaum), Sameer Siddique (Bangalore) & Ratheesh Kumar (Kerala) who had set to complete and Tantalize India by traveling 16470 kms, have done it in record time of 17 days 19 hours 30 minutes.The earlier record was 19 days and 23 hours which was festered as a record by Limca Book of Records.

They had begun their trip on June 16th 2010 from Bangalore and they landed back to Bangalore t on 4thJuly, 2010 at 1.30 pm.


Their dream has come true after having to go through some very rambunctious time driving through Leh Ladakh and the North East. Their car was stuck in ice and had to wait for five hours to get back on the road. In the north east they faced the most horrible time as they had to divert into the forests due to a landslide and they had to go without food for 24 hours and they continuously drove there for 25 hours non stop.

Tantalizing India has also been certified by India Book of Records.
Official Link here:

If you wish to reach about Tantalizing India’s record breaking journey, head to their website:

AAB is proud of Tantalizing India and heartily congratulates Aadil, Sameer and Ratheesh.


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  1. Gre8t News ……Tantalizing India ……Rocks ! U people deserve it
    Congrats to all the three …Aadil U make us proud for achieving this
    and getting Belgaum into the limelight and news
    AAB ….thanks for keeping us updated and continue with yr goodwork
    Three Cheers to the Tantalizing India Team and AAB


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