Rent a Thunderbird Duke and more now Wickedride is in Belagavi

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If you want to go on a weekend ride or experience a ride or even planning to buy a new bike but want to have a trial first, Wicked ride is here to help you out. It is every guy’s dream to own, or at least ride, a prized high-end bike but all cant buy it. So these guys can help you.
Wicked Ride, with its headquarters in Bengaluru, is renting out Royal Enfield and Duke bikes to begin with in Belagavi. In other places it has even Harley-Davidson bikes and host of other on the list all available for a rent.

wickedride belagaviIn Belagavi however currently only two models are available namely THUNDERBIRD – 350 and DUKE 200 and the effective rental per hour works out to be Rs.80 and Rs.66 respectively.

One can log on to to book one.

The pick up is from Mahantesh Nagar. There is a minimum billing of 4 hours on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends applicable on all bookings. The pick-up and drop-off times on Saturday and Sunday are limited to 6pm – 10pm. On longer duration the rent lesser.

The rental does not require any huge amount of deposit and are provided with Insurance cover, but one should have all the require documents like Driving license and address proof. However, users will have to sign a waiver taking responsibility for any damage to the bike.

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