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Owner of the vehicle fined for allowing minor to ride it

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The police acting promptly on an image shared on its WahtsApp number fined the owner of a Activa scooter for allowing it to be ridden by Minors.

minor-riding-fineIn the photo it is clear these are school students riding that too triple seat without helmet. The police Belagavi north acted promptly and traced the owner of the Vehicle and fined him Rs.1500.

It may be recalled that young school going girl was killed in an accident while she was riding the scooter again when she is not authorized to ride it as she was a minor.

Even after that tragic incident each day similar scenes of school going children riding bikes and scooters is a common sight.
Parents must wake up and learn to say NO.

2 thoughts on “Owner of the vehicle fined for allowing minor to ride it”

  1. Cops cant stop this menace on their own – General public like neighbors, family and friends should stop these young school kids from riding bikes and make them understand the reality of the situation.


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