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Sit and do nothing at Matinee Cafe Belgaum

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A new cafe called “Matinee Cafe” has recently opened at Inox Campus Camp Belgaum.
Matinee Cafe offers Hot coffee in choice of espresso, Cafe latte, Mocha. The bakery includes some great cakes such as Rumble smash, Tropical mango, Caramel Butterscotch along with desserts trifle and pudding. Also on the menu is Chaat, Sandwiches, Frankie’s, Pasta and also Fruiteazers.

The cafe is owned by Keerthy Narayan, it was his inclination towards food which made him come up with this idea. Speaking to AAB, partner Keerthy Narayan of Maitnee cafe said, “ Matinee Cafe is a place primarily where people could ideally ” hangout” listen to music, Surf the net or just simply sit around. What makes the place special is the fact that its an open cafe and people can actually sit and enjoy the monsoon and the weather change and enjoy. The large space around the cafe gives a sense of freedom and a non restricted environment which we feel people would love to experience.”

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Keerthy Narayan himself is a multifaceted personality originally from Kerala but now settled in Belgaum for the past 6 years which also happens to be his in-laws city.

The view of the Maitnee Cafe at Inox Camp Belgaum

Keerthy is a music composer/arranger with Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam movies for the past 10 odd years.

Keerthy speaking of what can be expected more at the Cafe said, “we plan to introduce the Irani Bun Maska and small eats that go well with Fruiteasers, Coffee and Tea. More than anything else its a great place to hold small Birthday parties and small private events. We also are trying to get an open mike show in place on weekends,  where people can enjoy small comedy shows and culture related conversations. Apart from this we are hoping to get in Portrait artists to come and use our space and capture crowd moments. So in short, This is an art, Music, Movies and Relax cafe.”

2 thoughts on “Sit and do nothing at Matinee Cafe Belgaum”

  1. As the title of the post says, you really have to sit and do noting at Matinee Cafe. We went there around 8 yesterday for a quick snack, after reading this story but were disappointed to find out that they don’t really make any of the snacks there but procure them from other vendors locally (as told by employee). They make cakes and pastries, of which I saw only one or two, that too the age old Black Forest and Pineapple pastry which i can find at every other bakery in town.
    What disappointed me the most was that they have a huge menu at the back of the cafe on the wall, but nothing was available. Doesn’t look like I will be going again until I get positive reviews from others.

    • Hi Anvith. I am extremely sorry on behalf of Matinee Cafe for the disappointment caused to u. Matinee cafe just started a month back. We have now officially changed our menu and Updated our stock list with all the things written on the menu. And furthermore, We get our cakes and eats custom-made for us. This updation happened yesterday. And now you will find everything on the menu at your disposal. Your welcome to come and try out our new menu. Further more, We would like you and your family – Friends to come over and spend time and Matinee Cafe and enjoy our music as well.

      Warmest regards,

      Keerthy Narayanan
      Matinee Cafe.


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