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The Cookie Brains at Vizury

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vizuryEver known what those cookies are worth which get downloaded while you surf the internet, they are worth millions, look at Vizury Interactive a brain child of Chetan Kulkarni, Vikram Nayak (from Belgaum) and Gourav Chindlur. 

What they do is simple, they make use of the cookies stored in a pc to re target ads to Internet users.

Vizury was founded in 2009, and made a product that tracks browser cookies that internet users leave undeleted in their browsing history. The company has raised $ 9 million of venture capital from a clutch of investors including Nokia Venture and is taking on world’s largest companies including Google.

And the idea of the new company was seeded while eating the real cookies at the company’s cafeteria where all the three were working, earlier to this venture.
After quitting their jobs they rented a two bedroom house in Bangalore and started their startup “Vizury” named after the Swahili word for ‘good’.vizuryfacts

Their focus was to woo the majority of the people to complete a transaction who would normally drop off without doing a transaction. At Vizury, a roster of clients both overseas and in India helped boost revenues of which nearly 70% comes from outside India.

Vizury’s platform consolidates data/behavior on a website and uses it to target them with personalized ads when the visitor moves on to other websites. For example, if a visitor has been checking the prices of flights from Mumbai to Bangalore, then she would be targeted with ads for flights on that sector on other websites she subsequently visits. Vizury calls its platform a ‘Visitor Relationship Management’ or VRM system. VRM platform seeks to convert prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers.

Their current clients list include:,,,, jetairways in the travel category. Jabong,,,,,,, sharekhan, hdfc,, Zomato to name a few.

Chetan did his schooling from Bijapur and then his Preuniversity at GSS College, Belgaum from 1994 to 1996. Vikram  completed his PUC from Bijapur and then did his engineering from GIT, Belgaum. Parents of both Chetan and Vikram reside in the same locality in Belgaum currently.

About the Founders:

Chetan Kulkarni
– Co-founder & CEO
Chetan oversees Business Development, Partnerships and Investor Relations at Vizury. Prior to Vizury, Chetan held a Senior Management role in the Business Value Group at Trilogy, Inc. He has extensively worked with global Fortune 500 Companies across travel, Consumer electronics, Automotive and financial services domains particularly in the US and APAC. During his initial years, Chetan also worked with the R&D group at Philips. Chetan holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from NIT, Surathkal and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow.



Vikram Nayak – Co-founder and CTO
Vikram oversees technology development and the innovation divisions at Vizury. Prior to this, he was a part of the Enterprise solutions group of Trilogy (renamed Versata). At Trilogy, Vikram handled Pricing, Configuration and project management in the Enterprise Solutions Group. He has also worked with behavioral targeting leaders focused on the US market. Vikram has a Masters degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai and holds a patent in the database interface architecture field. 

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