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Suspension bridge at Gokak Falls will be shut for public on Sundays

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A week ago you had seen some magnificent photos of the Gokak Falls and here is some bad news for all those planning to go there.

Tarunbharat in a report has mentioned that the suspension bridge will be closed for public use on Sundays. The reason given is more astonishing. The authorities there are not capable of handling huge crowds and there have been many incidents of pick pocketing and loot and security.  And to stop all this said bridge will be shut on Sundays, the day which sees the maximum inflow of tourists. 

Sunday is the day when all have time and a holiday to go there for a picnic and the authorities say don’t come on Sunday. This is stupidity to its highest level, how can one think of this and the brain behind this must be a master piece. gokakbridge

If such master brains are there every where we could get many more picnic and tourists spot closed on Sunday’s.  Amboli closed on Sundays and only open in summer, when there would be no water. Places like Ooty will be open for public only in December when it’s cold and not in summer. You can visit Gulmarg only in December when the place is snowing and it’s very difficult to reach there. gokak-056

I pity the authorities and pray to the lord that let they get some good knowledge and common sense.   

If we cannot see a picnic spot on a holiday when do we see it? Let’s all pray to God “Lord give those authorities at Gokak Falls the sense and knowledge to keep open the bridge on Sundays. Also give them the strength to fight back all evil.”

5 thoughts on “Suspension bridge at Gokak Falls will be shut for public on Sundays”

  1. These people do not want the people to enjoy the beauty of nature when it is at its best, i guess they want people to come whenits all dry hahahahhaha

  2. hey u don't about gokak falls …it]s open every time ….thers no any problem….before u writing somithing ..first search the all matter's then write ut

  3. Things are magnified here, there are many spots where visitors can enjoy the Goka falls. This suspension bridge is not the place for enjoyment.

  4. Things are magnified here, There are many spots in Gokak falls to enjoy for the visitors. Suspension bridge is not a public place where visitors are supposed enjoy.

  5. Hello. This article is a result of incomplete information. Please note the following two facts: 1. The hanging bridge is a property of one of the mills, it is meant for factory workers to cross the river and not for public use. 2. The bridge has a certain capacity, overloading may lead to dangerous situations leading to loss of life.

    Now, decide for yourself if the proposed action was pro-tourists or anti-tourist.


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