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Arbaaz-Malaika’s Belgaum nanny shocker in London

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Arbaaz Khan and Malaika had recently visited London for holidays along with their son Arhaan. They had also taken along their son’s nanny Jackin Fernandes, who had been working them for over a year. malika

Jackin Fernandes and she hails from Belgaum in Karnataka, she’s married has a 6 year old daughter. Her husband Raymond Fernandes works as a welder cum fabricator in Dubai since last 10 years. 

Jackin, in the last one year has travelled with Arbaaz-Malaika to a number of places including Dubai and Singapore. This time we took her along to London too.

maidJust two days before Malaika was returning, Jackin was with the kids in a nearby park, she was also entrusted with the apartment keys. That day she left for the apartment on the pretext of getting a jacket for my son Arhaan, as it had got a bit nippy but dint return. Malaika kept calling the phone she was given but there was no answer. When Malaika went to the apartment to check, there was nobody there, Jackin’s phone was lying on the ground and she was nowhere in sight. Malaika panicked. She noticed Jackin’s suitcase was also not there; her passport had been kept with us safely in another bag under lock and key. When she opened the bag she saw Jackin’s passport missing, it soon became evident that Jackin had left. There were valuables and some money too lying in the bag but she stole nothing, all she wanted to do is get away and she had meticulously planned it. 

This is not the first one to vanish in London, apparently even Karisma Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and recently Juhi Chawla also faced a similar situation, each of these maids left without a trace. Since Jackin was given a visa because the couple sponsored her visit, they had to inform the police of the happening. Unfortunately this illegal immigrant situation is rampant in London. They have provided all the necessary details to the authorities, if she ever gets tracked down she will surely be deported.



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