Belgaum to Puducherey train


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Now one can reach Puducherry from Belgaum without the hassles of changing any trains, the Central Railway has decided to run one special train from Dadar (T) to Puducherey for the benefit of Passengers.

The advance reservations for the same has already is open.

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Train Number: 01097
Dadar (T) – Puducherey Special will leave Dadar Terminus at 12.30 hrs on Sunday 4.11.2012 and will reach Puducherey at 23.30 hrs next day.

In Belgaum the train would arrive on every Monday at 01:55 and depart at 02.00.
Composition: Two A/C 3-tier, One A/C 2-tier, 9 Sleeper class, 3 General Second class and 2 General Second Class cum Guard’s Brake Van

However we could not a find a return train on the same route. 

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