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Chalukya express goes missing from reservation charts

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Mr. Nargundkar was desperately trying to book a ticket back home to Belgaum from Mumbai for Diwali in November, but he was shocked to note that Chalukya Express the only direct train connecting Belgaum to Mumbai was not visible for reservations from November 1, 2012. 

This is true, Chalukya express most probably from November 4, 2012 would commence its new route to Tirunelveli and Puducherry three days each.

Due to the change in route the train will be getting a new number and hence the same has not yet been updated on the website of the railways and hence one cannot book any tickets. bct2bgm
As per the site the new train number of Puducherry Dadar Express could be 11006 and Tirunelveli Dadar Express could be 11022.


As one can do the reservation 120 days in advance actually the new numbers should have been visible in the booking charts 120 days in advance, but thanks to IT savyness of the railways, commuters are having a hard time getting their booking done.   

3 thoughts on “Chalukya express goes missing from reservation charts”

  1. There are 2 dedicated trains from Mumbai to Kolhapur . Why cant they start atleast 1 from Mumbai to Belgaum/Hubli ? And apart from this what was the need to extend the Chalukya to Kerela…..

  2. With Immediate effect people from North Karnataka Region need a Superfast Train connecting HUBLI AND MUMBAI
    Also a Duranto between Pune and Yeshvantpur via Miraj ,Hubli

  3. Yes Govt should check & see at present there is only one train & this train is already running full always so there is a need of a extra train, but these nonsense people have extended the route of this train to Kerala & we the middle people will suffer. They should have started a new train if it was so necessary…..


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