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Yesvantpur-Miraj-Yesvantpur tri-weekly express with effect from Oct 2

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Ministry of Railways have decided to introduce a Special Tri-Weekly Express Train between YESVANTPUR-MIRAJ-YESVANTPUR (Train Nos.06517/06518), with effect from Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti day, Tuesday, the 02nd October, 2012 at the hands of MOS Railways K H Muniappah.

The inaugural Special Train No.06518 MIRAJ-YESVANTPUR TRI-WEEKLY EXPRESS will leave from Miraj at 11-30 hrs. And reach Belgaum at 13-42 hrs. and it will continue its journey by reaching at Yesvantpur around midnight at 00-45 hrs.

The regular SPECIAL TRI-WEEKLY EXPRESS TRAIN Nos. 06517/06516 between YESVANTPUR-MIRAJ-YESVANTPUR will run on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays commencing from YESVANTPUR end from 04th October, 2012 and from MIRAJ end on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 05th October, 2012. 

The last service from both ends is on 30th June, 2013. The timings, stoppages at en route stations and composition of regular Special Tri-Weekly Express services are as follows:-

Accordingly, Train No. 06517 YESVANTPUR-MIRAJ TRI-WEEKLY EXPRESS SPECIAL will depart from YESVANTPUR at 20-40 hrs. on Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays, commencing from 04th October, 2012(Thursday) and arrive at MIRAJ station at 10-15 hrs., on the next day.

En route, the Tri-Weekly Express Special will arrive/depart at Tumkur at 21-50/21-52 hrs.; Arsikere at 23-05/23-10 hrs.; Davangere at 00-13/00-15 hrs.; HUBLI at 04-30/04-40 hrs.; DHARWAD at 05-03/05-05 hrs.;
BELGAUM at 07-15/07-20 hrs.;
and arrive/depart at Ghatprabha at 08-25/08-27 hrs.

In the return direction, Train No. 06518 MIRAJ-YESVANTPUR TRI-WEEKLY EXPRESS SPECIAL will depart from MIRAJ at 16-45 hrs. on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, commencing from 05th October, 2012(Friday) and arrive at YESVANTPUR station at 06-10 hrs., on the next day.

En route, the Tri-Weekly Express Special will arrive/depart at Ghatprabha at 18-05/18-07 hrs.,
BELGAUM at 18-57/19-00 hrs.;
DHARWAD at 21-50/21-52 hrs.; HUBLI at 22-10/22-20 hrs.; Davangere at 00-13/00-15 hrs.; Arsikere at 03-10/03-15 hrs.; and arrive/depart at Tumkur at 04-53/04-55 hrs.

The Tri-Weekly Special Train will have total 15 coaches, consisting of One AC 2-tier coach, One AC 3-tier coach, Seven Second Class Sleeper coaches, Four General Second Class coaches and Two Second Class cum Luggage cum Brake Vans.

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