Dudh Sagar Falls is dazzling

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By Sujay Nimbalkar

Dudh Sagar Falls attracts everyone who travels by train to Goa lies amidst the Briganza Ghat (as locally known) in the belt of Western Ghats in the state of Goa bordering Karnataka.dodhsagar

Thanks to the wonderful rainfall in this area that the Water falls is again ready with its mesmerizing beauty to attract a large number of tourists from North-Karnataka, Goa & Maharashtra as well.

Dudh Sagar Falls is located adjacent to the Railway Track laid by Indian Railways on Goa-Londa route as soon as one enters the State of Goa after crossing Castle Rock, the last railway Station in Karnataka. Dudh Sagar (Sea of Milk) as it is known is believed to have derived its name from an incident where a princess who covered herself by throwing milk in order to hide herself.

As per sources; Dudh Sagar fall boosts of an awesome height of 310 Meters, is the 5th highest waterfall in India and Ranks 227th in the world. The waterfall forms couple of pools which adds to the scenic beauty amidst the Green Jungles of Western Ghats. But Swimming is highly risky in these ponds.

How to reach there :

(As interacted with tourists on Belgaum Railway Station & Londa Junction)

The Best time to visit Dudh Sagar Falls is during Rainy season & if one if adventurous of Trekking and a nature lover Dudh Sagar is a place one can never Miss. But carrying own Lunch and Snacks is highly recommendable as there is not even a Tea stall to cater the needs of tourists.

Express trains ply to & fro everyday from Londa Junction everyday but at odd hours & only on Sundays there runs a convenient train from Belgaum in the morning and in return there is only a single convenient Express Train in the Evening. For more details one may approach the Railway Enquiry Counter at Railway Stations of Hubli, Londa, Belgaum, or even Castle Rock.

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26 thoughts on “Dudh Sagar Falls is dazzling”

  1. Hi Sujay/Uday,

    I am planning to visit 'Dudh Sagar' in next week from Belgaum, thus can you please share me the details of how I can travel through train & does the train go upto falls or should I trek/walk from some near by station.


    • Hey Sujay,
      Its better u plan th trip for Sunday .. Because, on Sunday morning therz a train from Belgaum towrds Via CastleRocl to Goa. Train is always a better option, as it directly drops u at DudhSagar Sation. U can board that train, and get down at DudhSagar station. Its a very small station and the train stops for hardly a minute time.
      Once u are down at the station, after the train leaves the track follow the track as ur way and start walking. U will be passing thro two tunnels in this due course and after 1KM of walk thro the track u will find the DudhSagar waterfalls on ur left.
      Hey, make a point to carry eatables, as u will not find any shop or stalls near the WaterFalls. And reagding DudhSagar RailStation, theres hardly any station .. Its just DudhSagar Waterfalls stop.. U will have to go 15 KM back at Castlerock station, wherin u will find hardly nything to eat … So, to summarize carry all kinds of eatables while u r leaving belgaum .. U can avoid Alcohol, as the Waterfalls is very dangerous and many people have lost their lives…
      Enjoy the trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The best thing is, catch the pune-ernakulam express which depart belgaum at 7.55 morning(Only on Sundays: Inquire at belgaum station or check the indian railways website). Buy a ticket to molem in goa from belgaum. Get down at doodhsagar station approximately by 11.30. just walk for 5 minutes and u r there at the falls. Catch the nizamuddin-goa express at the same station at evening 5.00 and reach belgaum by 8.30 night. If it is the season, just catch a TT at the doodhsagar station and buy a ticket to belgaum at Rupees 50. The train stops at doodhsagar for few minutes.If not get down when londa comes and buy tickets at the railway station to belgam(better dun travel without tickets, TTs will suck ur money)

    • As per the information obtained from tourists,
      One can Reach Castle Rock on Goa Border by Bus and then travel by Train from there (it wil just be 10 mins from there but No regular trains Express trains or passenger trains other than goods train run on this route)
      or Reach Kulem (near molem) by bus, get through Bhagwan Mahavir Wild life sanctuary and from there trek for 10 long kms on Railway Track. But this may not be advisable carrying all the bags, Water Food etc that too on steep hill in an upward direction tat too on uneven path i.e Railway Track.

  2. Ya Awesum Place…..
    Went all around this Monsoon Season now itZ Turn of going2 Dudh Sagar….
    Ya i’ll Plan Soon

  3. Hi i am very happy and thrilled after seeing photos of DUDH SAGAR. It's so good.Now i am thinking of going there. Thanks for the information.

    • no.. u cant go there by car in any case..the above mentioned route is always advised by everyone who has been there.. n believe me.. u will enjoy it for sure 🙂

  4. Wow!! I haven't been to Dudh Sagar in decades; but it is still as beautiful and breath-taking as when I last went in 1985. I am now really jealous of my fellow Belgaumites, who can go there so easily.

  5. hey any can u suggest me vch is the best economical way to go to dudhsagar me plannning vth my parents n bro vch is the nearest railway station as we are planning from our city visakhapatnam there is only train so plz guide me n timings to visit dudhsagar water falls can any one tell me the stay detais and and transportation details from qulem or castle rock taxi hiring details vth loads of thanks vamsi

  6. Awesome place would like to visit there during this monsoon.
    Thank you Sujay Nimbalkar & all about Belgaum for posting this article.

  7. Hi Sujay,
    Very interesting and informative article. Seems a must visit place this monsoon. Let’s plan a trip here…


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