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Kingfisher cancels flights to Mumbai from 20 Nov till 15 Dec 2011

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KingFisher Airlines which is going through a turmoil and a spree of cancellations of flights, starting November 20, 2011 the only flight to Mumbai from Belgaum has been canceled till 15 December 2011.

The same has been mentioned in their canceled flights list released today.kfbgm

This was on expected lines as the traffic on this route was not much.

Flights from Kolhapur have also been canceled for the same duration.

But Flights would fly normally from Hubli.

Now the schedule says that flights have been canceled until 15 December, but sources said it may not be a possibility, and again Belgaum will off the aviation map.

11 thoughts on “Kingfisher cancels flights to Mumbai from 20 Nov till 15 Dec 2011”

  1. Oh. None to be blamed. How can we expect a company to do business when there is negligible demand and profit. We have got to work on our basics. Belgaum should first grow into an important industrial hub, then demand will grow and so will air traffic etc.

    • we r not blaming. what frequent traveller said that is fact. truth never change my dear friend. just see the load factor statastics and other things then u come to know.

    • Please share right information if you are ill-informed on Industry Profile of Belgaum, Belgaum was always an Industrial hub started first Hydraulics manufacturing India , It is nepotism of Karnataka government promoting adjacent cities with SOPS and TAX benefits depriving Belgaum's Development, and also few linguistic hooligans spoiling charm of Belgaum
      Belgaum stands second highest exporter of Auto Components after Bangalore
      Belgaum has 29 large and 3000 + MSME industries ( Source :DIC Belgaum) 33rd position in Karnataka
      GIM 2010 Investments Bagged 37,000 Crores fourth position in State
      2011 1st and 2nd quarter already Belgaum has bagged another 18000 crore investment
      Mr Umesh Sharma KFA station manager revieled that Belgaum load factor is 80% (not like share load factor of Via flight of adjacent city) and profitable route, however if the company KFA in crisis to survive.. cant help wait for spice jet turbo prop service to city soon

  2. The blog has some contrdictions:-

    1. In the previous blog it was mentioned that the flight from Belgaum to Mumbai
    has a greater load factor than Hubli- Mumbai. But now the blog says that "
    This was on expected lines as the traffic on this route was not much" ,which is correct ?
    2. In the make my trip web site there was a mention that "Please hurry only a few seats
    left."which again contradicts with this blog.
    I request the editor to give the clarifications.

    • I am a frequent traveller and since the airline has restarted services to Belgaum, I have travelled at least 2-3 times in both direction. The load factor is Good, more than 85% occupancy always. When I see fellow passengers, its a happy feeling, Belgaumites have taken to flying and more importantly prospered. I have seen many a foreigners on almost every trip. Kolhapur flight has lesser passenger’s.

      Earlier Deccan flew to BGM from BOM with stop at Kolhapur & same with Bangalore flight with a stop at Hubli, thus it was also viable.

      May be they can explore, extending a flight or two from Goa. But Keep Belgaum connected.

      God only knows, why they want to keep Hubli alive, by forcing us to drive there. Adding to the travel cost of highway toll of app. 150/-

      Its time our politicians, heavy weights… KLE chairman, MP’s, MLA’s, district ministers & industrialists, take up the issue with seriousness.

  3. Now the flights stand cancelled. Kingfisher should have decency to make a refund to all booked with an apology. To the contrary neither the cancellation link on their website, nor, their call centers, nor any mails written to them , evoke any response about getting a refund. I think many peopole booked on these flights will share my views. Can somebody suggest me the way to obtain refund from Kingfisher.


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