Rakaskop lifeline for Belgaum


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16 Kms from Belgaum literally means a hamlet of a Rakkasa (Giant), who is stated to have lived on a hillrock near the village. A cavern in laterite on the hillrock resembling a huge seated human figure is shown by the people to remind his past existance. Here is a Dam across the river Markandeya, supplying drinking water to Belgaum.

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The Rakaskop reservoir is on the verge of getting dry as there has been very less rain in this month. Still there is about 5 feet of water after which it will come to its lowest level. If there is no rain in the coming days city could be in for some more water cuts.

I found this photo on Flickr uploaded by alextherattil.rakaskop1


 Wild ducks on a rainy day at Rakaskop, Belgaum




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