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Return journey Belgaum to Mumbai for less than 4000

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Kingfisher airlines will commence commercial operations from Belgaum from 10 January 2011 and many had asked about the prices.

returnkfThen we had shown the prices as about 3800 approx for one way, bu now one can fly return from Belgaum to Mumbai and back for just Rs.3799.

A single journey from Belgaum to Mumbai costs Rs.1997.

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All these prices are for 10th January.

Just compare the same with the fares of Railways as well. There is no FIRST AC on Belgaum Mumbai route, @AC costs Rs.871 and if First AC was there it would have cost about 1300 or 1400 (approx calculation based on other fares).


So is this “good times” for Belgaumites to Fly?

Thanks Aadil for the lead.

13 thoughts on “Return journey Belgaum to Mumbai for less than 4000”

  1. Gud one ! KF I appreciate your move of connecting our sweet home town with the Financial Capital by Air. I Hope KF continues to fly more passengers from Blegaum and not its final products from proposed distilliery plant at Belgaum.__Anyways Gud news for us. __Thanks Uday for all that update.__I remember you were the first person who informed me about erstwhile Air Deccan flights operating for first time from Belgaum during 2002-2004 and the booking agent situated near Hotel Sanman 🙂

  2. how about the luggage (weight) allowances, coz there should be some consideration for international travellers who take connecting flight to Belgavi from Mumbai, I used to travel from Middle East to Mumbai and then by Air Deccan and later by KF to Belgavi, but had to pay the price for the luggage, at least for the international passengers there shd be some extra baggage allowances. Hope KF considers it


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