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Ekal vidyalaya abhiyan organizes Bharat Maa Ki Aarati

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Ekal Abhiyan is a state level associate of Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of India, which is working on National level to provide the basic knowledge in the vital field of Education, to the tribal, rural and other deprived sections of the society. Ekal Abhiyan, Belgaum, is funding activities at 120 villages in Khanapur and Dandeli area for year 2010-11. For the next year it has taken responsibilities to fund 180 villages, which requires additional funds.

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To mobilize this and to impart nationalistic view in the youth from both urban and rural areas and also to make public in general aware about Ekal vidyalaya abhiyan, Ekal Abhiyan Belgaum is organizing a program “ Bharat Maa Ki Aarati” by Baba Satyanaryan Mourya on Saturday 8th January 2011 at Gogte College Commerce Grounds, Tilakwadi..

Baba Mourya performs the program without a written script, His program comprises of his own poems highlighting our rich heritage, traditions which are still relevant. his program re induces the patriotism and inspires all, particularly, youth in mass. The brilliant fusion of Baba’s multiple skills can be witnessed in his programs like Bharat Maa Ki Aarti

Satyanarayan Mourya, fondly known as Baba to his friends and admirers. Well known for his famous Bharat Maa ki Aarti, Baba is a gifted poet, musician, singer, orator, painter, cartoonist and above all a patriot. A philosopher by nature, Baba endeavors to bring about an awakening in the Indian masses in his own unique way.

Born in a humble family of a schoolteacher at Rajgarh in the Byaora district of Madhya Pradesh in 1965, Baba rose to fame with his extra-ordinary talent with the paintbrush. Painting came as a hobby at an early age and without any formal training. To begin with, Baba funded his high school education with signboard painting in his town. After having completed Masters degree in Commerce, Baba achieved a gold medal in Masters of Arts in drawing and painting from Vikram Vishwa Vidyalaya, Ujjain.

3 thoughts on “Ekal vidyalaya abhiyan organizes Bharat Maa Ki Aarati”

  1. The programme was excellant, exiting! Thank u sir for organising such a mega event. Hope our youths of Belgaum will make use of such programmes and involve themselves in helping Ekal Abhiyan.

  2. The Programme was excellent till the Arathi to Bharat Maataa. Afterwards, what happened that is dancing was not ncecessary or irrelevant. Please note that keeping Time is very Important. We have to try to finish the program as scheduled as much as possible. It was scheduled to end at 9.00 but it ended very late. It should have ended at least at 9.30 or 9.45. Afterwards Crowd went out. Your program is very Good, but I request you to make it precise as much as possible, so that such program could happen again and agian. Because without crowd programs will not be successful. Jay HInd. SANJEEV PANGHRI -94494 10901.


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