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Serene beauty at Chorla Ghat


Belgaum is very close to the western ghats, now a heritage site declared by UNESCO. Belgaum is very lucky to have such serene beauty as close as about 40 kms from the city. If one can travel a bit far you have some great options like Tillari, Amboli, Doodhsagar.

If you love nature this trip has to be on your must-do list. One hears of the most scenic vistas in the rains. Here is such one place the Chorla Ghat, that leads to Goa the shortest way. The ghat is good and for off roaders this is heaven.


Anvith and Praveen who are both avid excursionists who keep on traveling decided to discover the Chorla Ghat this time after the rains.
Anvith told this blog, “The road till Jamboti is so great we flew there averaging 60+kph. Lunched at Jmaboti and then decided to go on to chorla. The approcah road is beautiful and we stopped and took some great pics. The rains kept the roads clean and the greenery all aorund was sucha beautiful sight, words are not enough. After Sural the road is ok for another 2-3 kms. Then the condition was pretty bad but offroaders will have fun. Chorla ghat is superb. The ghat on the left hand side and small water falls all along the way until Wildernest Resort.”

He further added, “Wildernest resort is a very beautiful resort indeed. Deep in the jungle the cottages give u good privacy and let you enjoy nature to the fullest. The overlooking valley rendered me speechless. The sound of the waterfall can be heard all the way up till the road. There were small gazebos where you could sit on arm chairs and enjoy a cup of tea.”

Praveen added that , “On the way back dont forget to have tea and vada pav and bhaji at Kankumbi. Rains, Bikes, Vadapav, Bhaji and tea. It couldnt get any better.”

All photos by Anvith KS and Praveen Prabhu

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  1. Hi, that was a very nice little piece and one is really excited to try that route. The photographs are splendid. I am planning to drive down to Goa via Belgaum in August. My only concern is the 2-3 kms of bad road. I will drive a car (civic) with relatively low ground clearance. Please let me know if its manageable with careful driving, or I should avoid this route? Thanks.
    Amitabha Sen

  2. Hi,
    The snaps are beautiful. We live in Mapusa and have been frequenting Chorla from the goa side since the last 3 years. Its really beautiful during this time of the year. Last year the road was pretty bad after crossing Wildernest. I had heard that they had done up most part of the road.
    I am planning to travel via this route to Belgaum and then to Blore around the end of this month. could you let me know the current condition of the road.

  3. I had posted a video, of a news channel (it was just on beauty of belgaum and dudsagar), however the admins din’t post it (chill cool and fair enough, its their website, not times of India), just because it was kannada and kannada news channel they din’t post.. that was wrong, see if they post this.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WR-vBRF-E68.. I am not kannada nor marathi.. I am from orrisa who lived in belgaum.. When we are fighting amongst ourselves, how can we see improvement? this question is to the admin..
    This is the reason I left AAB.
    Please post this message with the link…

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