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Shimbola water falls

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by Infinity Adventures

Infinity Adventures in Belgaum has been organizing trekking for many years. They have a team of trekkers who keep on finding newer places which are the hidden treasures in the western ghats.

The team recently discovered Shimbola Water falls, a 200 feet water falls in the heart of the western ghats near Chorla.

The deep valley, the huge water falls, the dense jungle are sure to scare you but the brave only can see this beautiful water falls.

The falls is fed by the Shimboli stream and the waterfalls has a roaring sound reflects all masculine hence the team Christianized it as “Shimbola”.

simbola[box_light]Trekking Distance: 8 kms approx – To & Fro (8 kms from Maan, near Chorla)

Terrain: It’s a gradual & later steep descend to the waterfall. Way back it’s a ascend.

Transport: In Mini Buses or Cruisers as per our convenience

Food: Breakfast & Evening Tea. Veg & Non Veg option for Lunch

Package Cost: Rs. 700 per person – cost applies for a group of 20 persons[/box_light]

Infinity Adventures arranges trek to this spot and people may contact them:

+91 93798 25990, 99014 98878, 98458 68504, 0831 420 5012

[email protected]


17 thoughts on “Shimbola water falls”

    • If u have read the post carefully it says-team infinity found this falls and named it might be called by some other name by someone this might be a reason for results of search

  1. Awesome! Chorla.. hmm 60 kms away! guys, If the zeal exists to explore then try exploring places from VTU towards Santibastwad> Thirthkunde> Jungles….. Amazing jungles, unknown waterfalls.. just 6 kms from VTU

  2. I have recently visited this place its real awsome friends i suggest all to visit its freeking awsome when you really near to the water fall…..

  3. ya …with my friends, i recently visited this place . its just superb,,,,if u have group more than 10 then its very nice place to visit:)


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